on: 26 Jun 2018 [17:26]
updated: 27 Jun 2018 [14:33]

Dell 3646-Inspiron updated from Win8.1 to Win10
Will not do a restart/boot after 1 normal Shut Down, Hangs at Dell logo, no keyboard Function or anything, Power indicator remains on. No Post codes because it doesn’t try to Post. Have to do a Forced power off than it will boot. Normal power on boot ups work fine. If you do a F2 go into setup, make no changes just save/exit and boot, you can do restarts all day long. Until you do (1) normal shut down and startup, then restart will not work. Until you do (1) normal shut down and startup, Then restart will not work. Update Bios, cleared CMOS, Ran all dells diagnostic and no issues were found and etc. Even disabled fast shut down/fast start and it made no difference. Last Test, did clean install of Windows 10 from ISO DVD, no other programs installed.
After boot up did a couple of restarts and then did (1) normal shut down and power on startup, Then 1 restart which failed to restart?

Please help.

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