on: 05 Feb 2010 [13:57]
as i said before, but it wasn't on game news yet.

good translating, if any of you see a grammar/type mistake in game or in the forum. Please let us know over the forum, we got a topic for that.

Good job translating(:s10:)
on: 02 Sep 2010 [14:51]

In the Dutch version i cannot use the Politics - Order link, it just shows the City map. When switching to English it works. Can you check this?
on: 02 Sep 2010 [16:47]
Please send a ticket to the support : http://support.ambergames.com/.

At best with sreenshot´s (:s1:)
on: 30 Dec 2017 [16:46]
Hello dear friends,

I am looking for Dutch a good Dutch translation so that i can learn the game better. It's very complex when you only can read it in Englisch, but maybe you have for me a solution , or maybe you can find a player in Dutch for play this game duo or with a Englisch /USA friend so that I l can learn from him or her, because I find the game nice but the are so many things to learn so as how I make the best army ,cant, find this and to grow.
Hope there is someone wo will play with me or help me.

I waiting of a answer,

Greetings Phil
on: 13 Feb 2018 [22:35]

Hello what server you play.

Greetings peet
on: 18 Jun 2018 [18:08]
Hello Peet,
I play server Kingdom of bohemia. I wil try to find a manual in Dutch and when not isn,t then I try to translate. I can,t all good understand and when I have a Dutch translation is it easer to learn the game
Greatings Phil.