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ekkor: 12 May 2011 [16:50]
Administration needs your help in tracking the software bug when armies do not respond to attack. They promise gold as a reward.

So, what do you need to do?
1. Well, track this error [bug], when your army gets killed with ranged weapons, without seeing the attackers and not doing anything in response.
2. Your army must have the troops and the settings set that they should attack back the enemy. (If you don't know, if you set your army to low aggression and melee attack it will not do anything to anyone unless the enemy moves to the same cell where your troops are, even if your army will have units capable of ranged attack.) Moreover, the army must not be moving anywhere by your order, especially if the orders delay is set to high. In other words, the ideal case would be something like this: the army is with attack indicators, but in fact does not attack (does not deal damage but only receives damage).
3. Do not touch anything!
4. Immediately contact the tech support by writing a ticket. The link is at the bottom of the page. (Since they are human as well, they have a working schedule. You will definitely be able to contact them on workdays from 10 to 19, local Riga time (GMT+2), or from 11 to 20 Moscow time (GMT+3) )

If everything will be done right and fast, and the settings of the army will be correct (where army must attack back the enemy), and it really will be the bug described above – you will receive a reward from the game administration.

Please write down the name of the city and army name in the message.

Also, to decrease the response time to your message, write “DOES NOT RESPOND TO ATTACKS” in the topic of the message.
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ekkor: 06 Feb 2012 [23:51]
how many groups did you have robbing?
ekkor: 13 Feb 2012 [13:05]
Handel mit Spieler Twipsy37 vollzogen. Sie haben 0 mit 0 getauscht.

Trade with Player Twipsy. You changed 0 with 0.

The crisis has reached Grail(:s5:)
ekkor: 20 Feb 2012 [13:23]
frissítve: 20 Feb 2012 [13:26]
Missing my hero and five gold. What happened? Level into a hero. And disappeared in the middle of the battle. He's not dead. Please return to the 14 my heroes. This is injustice!
ekkor: 20 Feb 2012 [13:28]
ekkor: 20 Feb 2012 [13:30]
This is a matter that needs to be brought up to support.
ekkor: 20 Feb 2012 [13:39]
ekkor: 20 Feb 2012 [14:05]
Please write a ticket to support and provide as much details as possible.
ekkor: 06 Jun 2012 [00:34]
Since chat was added to the site, I don't see the resources and people on the resource bar... its out of wack! Is there anyway to remove the chat off individual sites?
ekkor: 06 Jun 2012 [08:40]
use other browser !
explorer not works good at the moment !
ekkor: 01 Aug 2012 [22:43]

How its possible, u cant put that boulding in fort!(:s1:)s1:)
ekkor: 02 Aug 2012 [14:49]
kore1188, the building was placed into a contour before the rule applied. any historical city not already protected by a fort can no longer be protected by a fort.
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