on: 03 May 2022 [16:58]
The month of May was named after the Greek goddess Maia, who was identified with the Roman goddess of fertility, Bona Dea (Good Goddess), whose feast fell at this time. There is reason to believe that the "good goddess" is an epithet, and not a proper name.

Young grass shone, a wave of green fog spread over a wide meadow. Evenings are getting longer and warmer, these days we hear the music of nature everywhere.

In honor of this holiday - from May 3 to May 19, new items, promotions, games and special offers are waiting for you!

In all cities where there is a free cell of sand or grass, a special, festive Tree will appear. Once in a while, the Tree lights up with colorful lights and brings a gift to its owner.

We invite you to participate in the design of a festive flower bed. To complete it, you need to collect special artifacts that can be obtained for temporary location exploration.

The resulting artifacts must be inserted into the appropriate slots of the flower bed. When all parts are in place, the player receives the indicated reward. The list of rewards can be shuffled for gold.

For each player, statistics are kept on how many flower beds he has collected. At the end of the holidays, the TOP 10 best players will receive a prize. You can see your place in the TOP statistics.
[img=/images/unit/hero/artefacts/a5/a5_garden_fertilizer.jpg] [img=/images/unit/hero/artefacts/a5/a5_garden_flower.jpg] [img=/images/unit/hero/artefacts/a5/a5_garden_flower_2.jpg]
[img=/images/unit/hero/artefacts/a5/a5_garden_flower_3.jpg] [img=/images/unit/hero/artefacts/a5/a5_garden_shovel.jpg] [img=/images/unit/hero/artefacts/a5/a5_garden_wateringcan.jpg]

There is also a mid-server contest in the Flowerbed Mini-game!
TOP-20 best players among all servers who will score the most points in the mini-game will receive valuable prizes:
the city of Manzanares, a bonus point, a bonus location, and various other gifts.

We remind you that getting bonus locations and cities is only possible if you have free possession points for bonus locations or cities.

We announce in advance that a special multiplier will be applied when identifying mid-server Winners.
The number of artifacts found by the player must be greater than the number of collected tables multiplied by 6.
The use of this formula allows players who really put a lot of effort into collecting to get a decent prize. This time, the coefficient for participation in the mid-server is also 6.
But, this time, the number of artifacts found by the player will be taken into account. Thus, if a player has found 600 artifacts, this will correspond to 100 tables, even if in fact he has 200 tables.
If this number of tables (i.e. 100) is enough to receive a cross-server prize, then the player will receive it.

We announce a holiday lottery among all purchases made in the period from 3.05. to 19.05 23:59
The main prize on each server will be 1 bonus point + a 22k purchase and a special Bonus Castle.

There are also many prizes of different value. Any participant will receive a guaranteed prize for participation.
But that's not all. A material prize - a Corsair gaming keyboard - will be raffled between all participants.

Traditionally, the drawing process will be filmed and posted on the YouTube channel.
The grand prize winner will be required to film an unboxing video and post it on the forum.

In locations you can find different flowers and a new bouquet of lilies of the valley! The top players who collect the most holiday artifacts,
at the end of the holiday will receive valuable prizes! You can follow your results in the game statistics (Top).

Princess Wanda's necklace and Winter Residence level
In the forge, you can find a new unique decoration - Princess Wanda's Necklace.
Using this decoration will increase the level of the winter residence by +1 level

Historical background:
Princess Wanda (reputedly lived in 8th century Poland) was the daughter of Krakus, legendary founder of Kraków.
Upon her father's death, she became queen of the Poles, but committed suicide to avoid an unwanted marriage to a German.

Decorate the garden - new buildings garden sculpture and lantern.
Undoubtedly, sculptures are an adornment of any city. We bring to your attention a garden sculpture and lantern.
This buildings will be the highlight of any city. The garden lantern has a limit of 10 per account, one sculpture you can build in each city or resource location

New permanent artifact - Aiguillette:
Also spelled aguillette, aiglet or aglet, is a cord with metal tips or lace tags, or the decorative tip itself.
Functional or purely decorative fasteners of silk cord with metal tips were popular in the 16th and early 17th centuries, sometimes of gold set with gemstones or enameled, are generally called "aiglets", "aglets" or "points".