on: 13 Feb 2022 [12:40]
updated: 14 Feb 2022 [10:55]
Dear knights and ladies!
The most tender holiday of the year is approaching - Valentines Day!
This most romantic holiday is celebrated in many countries of the world. Its history goes back more than one and a half thousand years.

There are many legends associated with Saint Valentine. One of them says that in the 3rd century the Christian preacher Valentine lived in the Roman Empire, who, despite the ban of Emperor Claudius II, married legionnaires and their lovers.
Upon finding out, the emperor ordered the priest to be thrown into prison. Soon he was executed. Later, Valentine was proclaimed a Saint, the patron saint of all lovers.

To pay tribute to this legend, a heart in love will appear in all cities, which will bring a gift every 12 hours.
A gazebo for lovers will appear in all cities and a collection of coins will be announced.

Meticulous prospectors found a new crystal - Kunzite Crystal, and master blacksmiths made a new bracelet, which took its rightful place in the winter residence.

The love that is in the air these days intoxicates the brave heads of knights who are ready for anything, even to take part in a fight for the hand and heart of a beautiful lady.

Therefore, the king announced a competition for the best warrior in battles in PvP mode. Participate and get a worthy reward.

The queen decided to decorate the cities with flower arches in honor of the holiday. Drafts for one of them can be found in the holiday lottery.

But the flowers for the rose arch were stolen by a group of false werewolves. The king decided to reward the players who will destroy these dangerous creatures the most.
https://romanica.1100ad.com/images/unit/hero/face/637.jpg https://romanica.1100ad.com/images/unit/hero/artefacts/a5/a5_rose_shield.jpghttps://romanica.1100ad.com/images/unit/hero/artefacts/a5/a5_rose_helm.jpghttps://romanica.1100ad.com/images/unit/hero/artefacts/a5/a5_rose_sword.jpghttps://romanica.1100ad.com/images/unit/hero/artefacts/a5/a5_rose_gloves.jpg
A special top for their destruction has been announced, the main prize of which will be the Lady Knight Courageous Rose and a set of special Rose artifacts.
Also, this hero can be obtained for collecting Cupid and other tops.

From the corpses of new bosses, you can remove new temporary artefacts - technical drafts and level 5 crossbow bolts.

Adventure seekers and quiet hunters can take part in the Cupid collecting contest. The little angel scattered his arrows, wings, halo and other attributes over temporary quest locations.
In this contest, a mid-server contest with a valuable prize for the top 20 players is also announced.

We remind you that in order to get into the top 20 you need to meet the condition:
When identifying winners for the mid-server, a special coefficient will be applied.
The number of artefacts found by the player must be greater than the number of tables collected multiplied by 6.
The use of this formula allows players who really put a lot of effort into collecting to get a decent prize. This time, the coefficient for participation in the mid-server is also equal to 6. But, this time, the number of artefacts found by the player will be taken into account. Thus, if a player has found 600 artefacts, this will correspond to 100 tables, even if in fact he has 200 tables. If this number of tables (i.e. 100) is enough to receive a mid-server prize, then the player will receive it.

We announce a festive lottery among all purchases made in the period from 10.02. to 24.02 23:59

The main prize on each server will be 1 bonus point + a 22k purchase and a special emerald lock.

There are also many prizes of different values. Any participant will receive a guaranteed prize for participation.
But that is not all. A material prize will be drawn between all participants - a Razer Kraken gaming headset.
Traditionally, the drawing process will be filmed and posted on the YouTube channel.
The grand prize winner will be required to film an unboxing video and post it on the forum.

to other news:
1. Some buildings have received new levels.
2. Fixed terrain in resource locations
3. New levels added in skill tree