on: 28 Oct 2021 [17:14]
updated: 13 Nov 2021 [10:08]
Witches! From this word, many face expressions change from undisguised skepticism to genuine horror. But be that as it may, it was to them that an interesting message was sent scribbled on a stone tile in the dungeon of one of the castles.
Well, this is not the first time I have been involved in adventures, and this time I will solve the entertaining story of the book of spells to the end.
Do you believe in witches and their curses, and how far are you willing to go?
The path will be thorny, and many will not reach the final. But the sweeter will be the victory deserved in this adventure.

How to take part in the quest? Judging by the hint left, the search should begin where, according to legend, magical rituals were performed. And I know one suitable place. But the one who disturbed the peace of the witches, witches will persecute in dreams and in reality. The choice is yours!

P.S. Subsequent assignments will be posted on the forum. Do not miss.

The event will last until November 17, when the opportunity to collect a valuable artifact will disappear.

The adventure has begun!

1. It was truly creepy in the forest. The wind shook the trees, which, with their groans, called for trouble. And then she appeared. NO SHE. There will be no negotiations. We'll have to get an artifact with a fight (№5)
2. The main thing I know about witches is that they were burned at the stake. I saw a fire in one very gloomy place, it is strange that it is still burning. Need to check. (№2)
3. Witches Masters of Difficult Trials: Explore the Darkness! But I didn't know it would be that difficult. (№16)
4.One witch definitely lived here. At least the tale pointed to this very place. Well, let's start looking. (№7)
5. During the time of the Holy Inquisition, witches were not only burned at the stake. The notorious facts indicate that many women were literally walled up in the walls of churches or temples. You have to work hard to find the right place. (№4)
6. Finding Bald Mountain - the famous place of the coven of witches turned out to be a difficult task. On the other hand, if it were that easy, the witches wouldn't be gathering there.(№3)
7. The witch invited me to the festive table. I looked with pleasure at the riches she offered until my eye caught on a piece of paper. (№14)
8. Nice hut. Everything is like a fairy tale. The main thing is that the hostess does not return while I search her house.(№6)
9.The witch fled from this castle, but did not go far. so she could have hidden the page in the forest around the castle. Need to look for it. (№15)
10. It's runes! Strange symbols caught my attention. And how did I not pay attention to this before ?! We need to study the subject more thoroughly. (№13)
11. The full moon will point out where another damn page lies (№10)
12. Under the statue. I wonder which one keeps the secret.(№18)
13. For the next page, I had to give away these eerie artifacts. Some of the stones were returned to me, so I did not lose. (№19)
14. Yes, I really need luck here. How many tries do I have? (№20)
15. I heard that a black witch can be summoned using a special book. I figured out how to kraft one. But you must call the witch carefully and in a special place, because the witch is strong and can kill for such disrespect. But only she can give what we are looking for! (№17)
16. It took me a long time to collect all these ingredients: wings, eyes, feathers, and so on. Only after collecting all the missing completely in the hands was the desired page with the next spell. (№8)
17. The map will show you where to look. The main question is where to find the map. It is necessary to study the paper from which it is made, maybe it will tell me something.(№11)
18. Bargaining with a witch is more expensive for yourself. But what if you can't get the damn page in another way? (№9)
19. The clue was: Find the pumpkin. Of course, it's so easy to find the right pumpkin in Halloween. (№12)

And when I got to the very end, I was disappointed. Sly witches! Keep their secrets behind seven locks!
But where can I get the keys?
We'll have to inspect the witch's dwelling again. More thoroughly!

The witch dropped the second key in the city when she ran into the forest.
The knight found the third key and gave it to the king.

And the Potion of Courage was given out only to worthy warriors who won for the glory of the King!
on: 18 Nov 2021 [21:39]
where do you find the three keys ??