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Every year on September 1, all schools celebrate Knowledge Day! This is a holiday for school children (especially first graders), their parents, students and teachers, for everyone who teaches and studies. 1100AD Team congratulates all students and their parents on this wonderful and very first fall holiday!
In honor of the holiday of knowledge, today the 1100AD world begins a holiday vacation with special offers, gifts and games, which will continue from 1.09-16.09

In all cities where there is a free cell of sand or grass, a special, festive building will appear - Pencils. Once in a while, they are painted with colorful flowers and bring a gift to their owner. Check your pencils regularly and have fun with the gifts you find!
Among the gifts you can find - resources, artifacts, unique soldiers, gold and diamonds.

Abodes of Knowledge will appear in all cities and locations that are on land and are not surrounded by a contour. They can be researched and you can obtain from 15 to 75 ancient coins (depending on the level of the location), after that the coins can be exchanged in the festive tree for valuable goods.

Statistics on the collection of coins are kept for each player and for each Order, and at the end of the holidays, the TOP-10 best players and the TOP-10 best Orders * will receive valuable prizes.

Additionally, we are announcing a mid-server competition!
For the individual competition, the TOP-20 of the best players will be awarded. The statistics for the tops for the mid-server competition can be viewed on the game portal.

You can also find the Holiday Lottery in Pencils. There will be a window with 9 gifts in the holiday lottery, you need to open 3 of them. According to the total number of points, you will receive a Bronze, Silver or Gold gift, which includes resources, soldiers, buildings and other bonuses.
In order to play the lottery, you need a lottery ticket, which can be purchased or obtained using an artifact - the book of wisdom. One lottery game costs 5 lottery tickets.
By playing the lottery, you can also get a special prize - Draft of the "Stone Book" statue. To do this, you need to reach 100% in the progress bar.

Take part in the match-3 mini-game and try your luck in the battle among the best!
The rules of the game are very simple:
It is necessary to collect in a row or column of 3, 4 or 5 identical elements. Depending on the number of collected items, the player gets points. Collect game points and get super prizes! The more games there are, the more valuable the prizes are.
A combination of 2 bombs gives a special amount of points.

Statistics on the number of points are kept for each player and for each Order, and at the end of the holidays, the TOP-10 best players and the TOP-10 best Orders on each server will receive valuable prizes.

Additionally, we are announcing a mid-server competition!

The best 3 players from the TOP "Match 3" will receive special prizes, including a special city with special buildings, but each player can receive only one prize in the following nominations:
- The best player in the mini-game;
- The best decorator;
- The best collector of combinations;
- The best player in terms of efficiency;
- The best Erudite.

After awarding 15 top-ranked players in the above lists, this time we will be rewarding 15 more players from the top “best mini-game player” * who performed well but failed to make it to the top 3.

* The player receives only one prize for only 1 nomination

Follow the statistics of the game, and win unique prizes!

During the celebration, old acquaintances will appear in the game - the Guardian of Wisdom and the Sage. A soldier can be obtained for a mini-game, purchased with promotions, or received as a gift. The soldiers will serve until the end of October, after which they will be automatically removed.

Benitoite and Medici Ring - will be needed by anyone who wants to raise the winter residence and clan castle to a higher level.
Benitoite is a very rare mineral, barium and titanium silicate. Named after a find in 1906 in association with neptunite in San Benito (California, USA).

NEW BUILDING - Column of the Magdeburg Law
Magdeburg Law (German Magdeburger Recht) is one of the most famous systems of city law, which developed in the 13th century in Magdeburg as a feudal city law, according to which economic activity, property rights, social and political life and the estate state of the townspeople were regulated by their own system of legal norms, which corresponded to the role of cities as centers of production and monetary exchange. In other words, it is a privilege, the right to the independence of the city from the feudal lords. Under this right, cities received their legal, economic, socio-political and property independence.
In honor of the day of knowledge, the opportunity to build the Column of Magdeburg Law appeared in the clan castle. The building is very expensive and prestigious.


Cid Campeador, better known as El Cid Campeador (Spanish El Cid Campeador), real name Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar (Spanish Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, Rui Diaz); (genus. 1041-1057 [2], Vivar, Burgos - July 10, 1099, Valencia) - Castilian nobleman, military and political figure, national hero of Spain, hero of Spanish folk legends, poems, romances and dramas, as well as the famous tragedy of Corneille.
After his death in 1099, Sid became a folk hero, sung in poems and songs.

Ordinary soldiers, inspired by poems, ordered special artifacts from blacksmiths that will help them show themselves in battle at the level of renowned mercenaries.

Our king managed to conclude a treaty with a renowned warrior and now in the stables you can hire a Gaelic Knight, who is amazingly wielding an ax.
Gaelic Knight also has a special Order skill.

And according to the old tradition, we announce two festive tops
Each temporary quest location for these 2 weeks will drop: medal 1100ad, cup 1100ad, dark grimoire, book of wisdom, magic feather.
Players who are in the top 10 by collecting these artifacts will receive valuable prizes.

Top in killing book thieves - book thieves have chosen abandoned educational buildings, be careful, they are very agile, cunning and dangerous.
However, the top 10 daredevils who dealt with them will also be rewarded with valuable prizes.

During the holidays, the in-game store will offer low-priced items and discounts.

1. Added levels in the skill tree, as well as a new skill - Gaelic Knight
2. In the bonus location "Lilac Castle" added the craft of the Elite Billhook
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What's all the fuss behind collection of ancient coins anyways? Also, I heard some people like to collect papersowl but I don't even know what that means to be honest. Can anyone please help me out here?
on: 21 Jan 2022 [09:23]
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