on: 10 Jun 2021 [15:53]
updated: 29 Jun 2021 [15:28]
In the library of an abandoned abbey, I found an entertaining little book and did not expect how drastically my life would change. A real black mark of a pirate fell out of the book, which speaks of a very valuable artifact.
Having received the mark, which for some reason strangely burned my hand, I realized that now my life was in danger, and I had no choice but to embark on the dangerous path of searching for the artifact. What does the inscription on the mark say?

The path will be thorny, and many will not reach the final. But the sweeter will be the victory deserved in this adventure.
How to take part in the quest? Everything is very simple - an abandoned abbey is waiting for all adventure seekers. But remember, whoever embarked on a dangerous path will not be able to turn, the shield will not close from the enemy.
The choice is yours!
P.S. The rest of the tasks will be published on the forum. Do not miss them.
The event will last until July 01, when the opportunity to collect a valuable artifact will disappear.

1. I'm not a researcher, but a lot is at stake - and I set to work.
2. yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum - so flashed through my head. and indeed. finding that very bottle of rum was unexpected and very pleasant
3. the monster came out of nowhere - of course I heard legends about him, but to see with my own eyes - this is the first time with me.
4. We all played pirates in childhood - it is so exciting to find a hidden treasure. Who knew that under the pirate figure I would find something that would occupy my thoughts and I would decide to solve the quest.
5. I give my hand to cut off - I saw a ship with black sails. I urgently need to find and search him
6. One of the slaves escaped from the ship. otherwise, where did these rumors about what was happening on the ship come from? But where could he go? Only to their own. and nodding to his train of thought, he set off to find a refuge for the slaves
7. In the pale picture, the stones of the rings played with bright colors, with which all his fingers were adorned and at the bottom there is a strange inscription - the king and his secrets
8. All roads lead to Rome! Old or new it does not matter. I chuckled looking at the map. I followed in the footsteps of the greatest assassin. There was no doubt about it. The revelation that I might be late flashed through my head.Did he find what he was looking for? And for a moment it seemed to me as if it echoed from the water - dangerous ..
9. In one black black city, there was a black black castle ... an old children's horror story arose in my head when I saw the figure of the guard. We must act carefully.
10. I will wait in a place known to you for exactly one day. or the exchange will not take place
11. Rats. Again rats. I hate rats. But I know for sure that the magic stone is hidden here.
12. All these cities are similar to each other, however, the destroyed shipwreck in one of them caught my attention - a ghost ship that keeps a secret.
13. In the tale about the goldfish it was said that the old man pulled it out for the third time, - I grumbled sitting by the fire. Of course, I will not stop and will try again. The game is worth it.
14. I knew they had found Atlantis. but how the hell?
15. In an old legend it was said about the curse that an entire settlement was forced to wander among people in search of peace. I need to find it to get a valuable artifact.
16. Find the beast. The Beast has many secrets. find the desired. The beast will decorate your castle. Frighten the enemy with itself.
17. My soul was on my heels when I found out where the next part was. Rumors about this baron were not very pleasant. And take something from him, no fools.. He is a pirate.
18. I was so overjoyed to see an ancient book in a cache that I almost fell for the gimmick. I resisted the temptation to take it and continued my search for the trident. And finally I found it. Among hundreds of corpses of warriors, among rusty armor and broken arrows. My goal - my reward!
on: 12 Jun 2021 [21:45]
What do you do with the books?
on: 13 Jun 2021 [19:28]
Adler01 just opnen it