on: 11 Mar 2021 [14:41]
updated: 12 Mar 2021 [12:37]
Dear players!
The snow, slowly melting, reveals what is hidden under the snowdrifts. And somewhere you can find leprechaun stashes. These little men are great hunters for gold and other treasures.
There is a legend according to which, if you collect a special trap, the leprechaun can be caught, and he will fulfill your most cherished desire. For this we need a lion, a witch and a magical wardrobe ... although that's a completely different story.
And we invite you to participate in an exciting quest - "Trap for the leprechaun"! An unforgettable adventure awaits you with a very valuable prize.
This time, the prize includes: a unique hero with a new skill "Combat Brotherhood" - a bonus point, which is necessary to obtain valuable in-game property, and many other valuable and pleasant things.
But remember: the main thing in a treasure hunt is every man for himself!

We've slightly changed the rules of the quest. Tasks will be posted on the forum daily. Every day a new task.
The path will be thorny, and many will not reach the final destination. But the sweeter will be the victory in this adventure.

How to take part in the quest? Everything is very simple - wait for the first task in this topic and go ahead in search.

The event will run until March 25th, when the opportunity to collect the trap will disappear.

The adventure has begun!

To other news:

1. In addition to searching for the Leprechaun, we offer you to participate in the collection of ancient coins and holiday artifacts. The best collectors will receive worthy prizes.
2. St. Patrick's Cathedral got +2 levels of development.
3. We are announcing a festive lottery. All purchases from March 11 to March 17, inclusive, participate in the lottery, where you could potentially win prizes, such as - a bonus point ,promotions up to 22k, as well as many other valuable things.
The video with the lottery will be published on the YouTube portal.

Also, by purchasing a promo for 2400, you get an exclusive mine with 3.5kk bonuses. To get a mine, you need to write to technical support and have a free point of resource location points.
on: 11 Mar 2021 [16:00]
updated: 22 Mar 2021 [15:01]
№1 Traveling around the locations, I was lucky not only to see the leprechaun, but also to pick up his hat.

№2 Good luck finding a four-leaf clover, but even better luck finding a charmed four-leaf clover. A challenge not only for the most fortunate, but also for the most patient.

№3 In search of adventure, I came across an ancient necropolis, where I was lucky enough to find another ingredient for a trap

№4 He twirled the coin in front of my nose. It shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow, then it sparkled with gold, then blue, then suddenly it turned red, but when he put it into his pocket, it turned black. Obviously, the coin is not simple, but among which coins to look for it?

№5 Walking through the forest, I noticed a strange light beating out from under the roots of a huge tree. Looking closer, I realized that it was the Leprechaun's cache. Of course I went to his research and was awarded.

№6 According to legend, the creation of this artifact was bequeathed to a disciple. He did the job and even attached a commemorative tape. We must get it at any cost.

№7 There was a time when this place was very popular. Now they remember him only occasionally, in an hour of great need. I would also avoid going there, mindful of the Inquisition.But I have to visit this place and find the right ingredient.

№8 What do you know about miracles? Some are waiting for them and believe in them, others are doing them, you have to investigate the miracle. Can you handle it?

№9 Easy, I decided after seeing the customer's requirements. If he pays a whole pot of gold, I'll do it

№10 I came across an old legend about a certain blueprint that will allow you to catch a leprechaun. Only one thing is known for certain - the drawing is hidden in the castle of the knights

№11 For only 2 days in your city, the reception of non-ferrous metals is open in exchange for a rare artifact. that was the announcement.

№12 Sly leprechauns hide their treasures not only in secret places, but also in reliable chests. It remains to find the right chest and the trick is done.

№13 These cities appear only on the days of the vernal equinox. They promise the owner not only tremendous power hidden in the bowels of the city, but also status. However, to get that artifact, “Carthage must be destroyed”! It will be a difficult choice, but it must be done quickly this year, the spring equinox will be from 19 to 21 March.

№14 In many legends there is a mention of the rope along which the heroes escaped from the towers. I need one too.

№15 While watching a child's play, I noticed a certain object that glittered in the sun. When the kids left, I managed to retrieve the ingredient.

It was difficult to get all the parts of the trap, but much more difficult to put them together. As I did not try, but nothing worked. I found a wizard to do the job. However, he said that he needed a big heat. I found what he needed. But this was not enough. The heat was not enough. Then the Master told about the existence of 3 scrolls, which will allow you to complete the trap.
It remains to find these 3 scrolls

№1 scroll was stolen by a red-haired girl. And if she didn't sell it, then she must have it.

I started looking for information on the second drawing. The search took me to this truly eerie place. The silence will be broken!

The last scroll is stored somewhere here. Of course, I bought a pass to the excursion to this observatory. But while others are interested in the stars, I am busy with others. It's a pity the time of the excursion is limited.
on: 11 Mar 2021 [21:31]
updated: 11 Mar 2021 [21:46]

Logs are not needed. Just collect the parts of the trap in your storage.
on: 23 Mar 2021 [00:30]
i have all 15 + 3 (:s31:)
on: 23 Mar 2021 [10:56]
Awesome Quest Chain! (:s18:)(:s18:)(:s18:) Thanx a lot Envia and the developers! We had plenty of fun and adrenaline(:s8:)