on: 10 Jun 2020 [18:59]
updated: 11 Jun 2020 [10:59]
Storm clouds, formidable sky, lightning and thunder! That is how our summer begins. But do not be afraid, this is a great time for kingdom architects to get inspired and draw new building drafts!
Now you can find new building levels, such as: Castles, Obelisk, Monument to the Great Warrior, resource locations and shipyards!

The king also announced a special promotion: when buying any promo with a value of 5100, players get an 11000 purchased gold bonus, and when buying a package for 3500 - a purchased gold bonus for 2400.[br]
The offer is valid for purchases made before 15/06/2020 23:59. The bonus will be issued on 16/06/2020. automatically. Each player can receive 1 bonus for the purchase of the 5100 package and 1 bonus for the purchase of the 3500 package.