on: 12 Mar 2020 [16:36]
updated: 12 Mar 2020 [19:09]

Meet the most cheerful, greenest and most Irish spring holiday - St. Patrick's Day! In honor of the upcoming holiday, we congratulate all our players and we wish you happiness, success, luck and to find your own pot of gold!

During the festive week from 12.03 to 26.03, various discounts, promotions, hot offers and holiday changes will be available in the game!

In all cities where there is a free cell of sand or grass, a special, festive tree will appear. Once in a while, a tree gets decorated with colorful ribbons and brings a gift to its owner. Visit your tree regularly and enjoy the gifts it brings! Among the gifts you can find - resources, artifacts, unique soldiers, gold and diamonds.

You can also find a festive lottery in the tree. There will be a window with 9 gifts in it, you need to open 3 of them. For the total number of points received - you will get a Bronze, Silver or Golden gift, which includes - resources, soldiers, buildings and other bonuses. In order to play the lottery you need a lottery ticket, which can be purchased - by buying gold or you can get it using the artifact - Gold Cup. One lottery game costs one lottery ticket.
By playing the lottery you can also get a special prize - a draft of the Monument of the Great Warrior. To do this, you need to fill the scale to 100%.

In the festive tree you can also find a themed dungeon. But remember that its inhabitants are very strong. Be careful.

In all the cities outside the contour, where there is a landscape of sand or grass, houses of leprechauns will appear. Such houses can be investigated and you will be able to receive from 1 to 5 ancient coins.
The number of player collected coins can be seen in the statistics, where the top-10 of the best and most active collectors will receive valuable prizes at the end of the holiday.
Collected ancient coins can be exchanged in the exchanger through the store menu.
We remind you that the number of ancient coins in the population and mercenary locations directly depends on their level.

For each player and for each Order, statistics are kept on collecting coins and at the end of the holidays the TOP 10 best players and TOP 10 best Orders * will receive valuable prizes.
* In the TOP among Orders, all knights of the Order will receive prizes.

At the time of the holiday, gold was added to the prize for the temporary location exploration.
We also announce the mid-server competition - the Top 20 most successful gold miners will receive a valuable prize!
Keep track of the Top.Be aware for gold mining till very end!

Players who have worked hard on the Epic server will receive drafts for the improved temple already on Saturday. If you didn’t have time to take part in the competition, don’t worry, drafts will be available in the next competition.
Follow the news.

In the advanced temple, you can set a temporary bonus on some units. The number of units, the duration of the bonus, as well as the bonus itself increases, depending on the level of the temple.
Applying the bonus to one of the three groups of units, if you change your mind and decide to use another boost, you can switch the bonus. In this case, you will have to pay, and the effect of the previous bonus will stop. Be careful.

Our craftsmen also did not waste time in vain and in honor of the holiday in the forge you can find the craft of St. Patrick's Bell, which will help you improve the Winter Residence building.

One of the earliest European Christian bells, riveted from two curved sheets of iron, called St. Patrick's Bell, dates back to the 5th century and is now stored in the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin. It is also called the "Testament Bell", since, according to the mention in the Book of Kuan, its creation was bequeathed to one of the saints' students. The height of the bell is 16.5 centimeters, together with the handle - 19.68 centimeters, the width along the rim - 12.5 centimeters, in the shoulder - 12.8 cm, and weighs 1.7 kilograms (from free Wikipedia).

1) Some soldiers changed their combat characteristics.
2) On the Otton server, a change in the ‘’experience’’ system. After a player reaches 30th level of development, the experience for killing mobs will no longer accrue.

We wish everyone to find their pot of gold!
on: 10 Apr 2020 [20:15]