on: 13 Feb 2020 [16:29]
updated: 13 Feb 2020 [19:00]
The most loving day of the year has come - Valentine's Day! A day when all lovers give each other presents, arrange romantic evenings and say the hottest and most sincere words about love.

The 1100AD team heartily congratulates all the players on Valentine's Day! We wish you always sincere and mutual love and that in your life there always was the arrow of Cupid!

In honor of the holiday - from 13.02 to 27.02various discounts, promotions, hot offers and holiday changes will be available in the game!

Frosty snowmen have been replaced by feminine nymphs and strong guards. You can find units when exploring locations and as a prize in some contests!

Through the tavern, you can take part in the mini-game “Fight in the tavern”, where you can compete with your heroes, against the heroes of your opponents. Before making a move, the player needs to choose “the place of the block” and the “place of the attack” with the available options and in total there are available 3 places: the head, stomach, and legs!
Also, two bonuses are available - Bonus Attack and Bonus Defense. Bonuses give an increased attack or defense to the hero and they also increase the chance of triggering any of the skills of the attack or defense.

Collect your best heroes and send them to a battle for a victory! The more victories you have, the more points, which means the more valuable prizes you can get. At the end of the holiday, prizes will be awarded to the best fighters. You can see your statistics in the annals.

For each Order, there is a counter of victories in the tavern and at the end of the holidays, the best Orders will get +1 point to the skills that are indicated in the TOP.

Guaranteed prize - Monument of the Great Warrior drafts! You will receive it if you achieve 200 victories!

In the “Drunken brawl” there is also a mid-server individual competition!
Top 10 best players among all servers that score the most points in a mini-game will receive valuable prizes.
Important changes:
1. You can only change an opponent with the Gibo Auja Rune artifact
2. The limit on the attack and the life of the hero in total cannot exceed 44000 points.

Cupid mini-game - help Cupid fulfill his love mission and get his reward! To complete the task, you need to collect special artifacts that can be obtained for the exploration of all temporary locations.
When all the parts of the Cupid are collected, the player will receive the indicated reward. The reward list can be shuffled for gold.

Guaranteed prize - drafts of the Monument of the Great Warrior! You will receive it in case you collect 30 angels!

For each player, statistics are kept about how many missions he helped to carry out Cupid. At the end of the holidays, the TOP 10 best players will receive a prize. You can see your place in the Top statistics.

In the mini-game “Cupid” there is also a mid server individual competition!
Top 20 best players among all servers that score the most points in a mini-game will receive valuable prizes.

During the holidays, you can find items at low prices in the game store, as well as the following discounts:
- Three new artifacts appeared in the diamond store;
- 80% on the transfer of artifacts;
- 40% for the purchase of vassal points and location possession points
- 30% for the construction of all mercenary camps;
- 30% for the construction of the fort and walls in the valley;
- 30% for the creation of a new city;
- 30% for SMS services;
- 50% to improve the skill of the Order “Vassals”;
- 50% to improve the skill of the Order “Vault”.
- 50% on the abandonment of the city.

In the forge, you can find new unique jewelry - Bohemian necklace and Tanzanite Pendant. Using this jewelry will increase the level of the winter residence by +2 levels, and for NEW HOPE and OTTON servers, this jewelry will be needed to improve clan castles above 120 level.

In this regard, we announce the Top for collection of precious stones. At the end of the holiday, players who took winning places will receive valuable prizes. You can check where you are in the TOP statistics.

4 new skills have been added to the order. The specialization for the White Knights, Riders, Santiago knights, and for the Mamluks!


In the locations, you can find new ingredients: rose petals, glycerin, and vodka. Craft is available in the Sant’Angelo Castel building above the 16th level.
Perfumes are not created immediately. Perfume must be infused.
A new artifact strengthens the morale of his army and disarms the enemy army.

1) The limit of order Super Storage has been increased to 25. And all the necessary resources for their construction are now taken from the order treasury.
2) Monument and Museum buildings received additional levels.
3) Within a week, unused chests of the collection will be replaced by compensation ones.
4) In this wonderful period of love and romance, we give you the opportunity to please not only yourself, but also someone who is very dear to you! In the period from 14.02 (00:00:01) to 15.02 (23:59:59), by purchasing an offer for 5100 gold and above, you can give any other player an offer for 2400 gold! To do this, you just need to contact Technical support service indicating the nickname to whom you want to give a pleasant surprise for Valentine's Day. (A gift can be sent only on the server on which the promotion was purchased)