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Dear players!
New Year's holidays are over, and all the beautiful feasts are done! The most moving thing about this is to remove Christmas toys from the green beauty until next year.
So we in 1100ad offer you new fun - to put together a collection of toys!

Now the details!
In all temporary locations for research and for completing special quests, you can get a Simple collection chest. You can also purchase a Premium Collection Chest. It is important to know that simple collectible chests, unlike premium ones, cannot be transferred to another player.
Open chests in a special tab "Collection".
In chests there are 2 Christmas toys and a pleasant bonus in the form of gold, diamonds and other bonuses pleasant to the player’s heart.

These toys are not simple, but from the new collection that hung on our Christmas tree.
There are a total of 5 levels of toys.
Collecting toys, you fill out a special album.

If you do not have enough toys to complete the collection, you can create them.
To do this, you need to break the toys into the essence, through the menu. Do not be afraid to break toys, once they drop out, the toy will remain in the collection, only repeated/extra toys are subject to breaking!


Having sprayed the toys, go to the Collider section and try your luck: you can choose the level of the created toy, and also, by paying gold, increase the chance of a rarer toy falling out.
Collecting toys through the collider can still fail.

You can switch the type of toy being created or try to create this level again.

When the album is full, you will receive a prize indicated in the Information tab. Among all that you could receive a valuable unique hero of 152 level. The hero has 3 special skills: vision +5 cells +6 (if you have according skill in the skill tree), and two new unique skills: Decreasing enemy reflection and Decreasing enemy dodge.
For each player, statistics on the collection are kept, so that all players can see the progress of its completion.
Collection is available until 13.02.2020.
At the end, all chests, both simple and premium will be deleted with the issue of compensation.

Hurry up to collect a whole collection!

1. In EPIC server the unique units limit is increased;
2. Village can be upgraded to 18 level, as mercenary camp.
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It's time to collect a whole collection!
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