על: 16 Jan 2020 [19:29]
The time of calm passed, it`s time to prepare for a change!

On the feast of the Epiphany eve, a contest is announced for the search for Holy Water Bottles. This rare artifact has been added in all locations in EPIC server, which reduces recoil by 5% and reduces the percentage of your unit failure.
You can get this artifact on the main server only by taking places in certain Tops in EPIC!

We also announce a special competition for the hidden cities search with a cool bonus of 5,000,000 mercenary and 3,000,000 population points per city. There are 4 hidden cities added to the map of EPIC server. To find them you need to collect a map and determine the location of the hidden city.
Pictures increase by click
Go if you dare!

Don`t have city possession points? No worries! In the forge, you will find the crown recipe, which can raise your city points by+1 level. However, remember that you can only wear the crown 1 time.

Forward to adventures!
P.S. All fortresses are reset to neutral, for new conquests!