על: 17 Dec 2019 [19:52]
מעודכן: 17 Dec 2019 [19:55]
Dear Golden Rush, Nanban, and Kingdom of Bohemia server players!

Finally, the long-awaited hour of unification has arrived!

We present you a new server - Otton-Rise of Empire.

And now we will reveal its features.
There will be three Italian tribes: Lazio, Abruzzi, and Veneto.

Players can choose the side for which they will fight.
Players will have 3 game settings: the classic setting for Veneto, the El Dorado setting for Abruzzi and the Korean setting for Lazio.
But that's not all.
For the first time, the player’s specialization has been introduced for this server.
There are 4 types in total:
Warrior, Archer, Healer, and Alchemist.
Each specialty involves the development of bonuses for armies:
The Warrior deals more damage and has increased leadership, Archer - receives bonuses to accuracy and attack range, the Healer can restore HP and get less kickback in battle, the Alchemist gets access to army defend and can improve artifacts * (* - in development).
Be careful when choosing a specialty - you can change it only 1 time!

Each player at the entrance to the server will receive a special city with a castle, the level of which is determined by the level of development of its mercenary, population, equipment points, ships, etc. from the server the player will be leaving. The higher your personal points on the current battle server, the higher the castle level you will receive on the new server.
All points received from this city are personal and are not shared between members of the order.
The city that players receive is special: it cannot be captured, it cannot be abandoned, it is a port and historic by default.

And now about other features of the server:
It is a PVE server, which makes the game on the server more relaxed than on the PVP servers.
You must accept the war with other players. But there is an exception. If you ignore the declaration of war - it will be accepted automatically after 3 days.
On the server you can enter alliances, non-aggression pacts, declare a truce.

-The city possession point limit on the server is 5. The rest of the points can be upgraded only by using crowns. But the rule of a one-time use of each crown is saved. Thus, taking into account the existing crowns, the maximum number of possible cities is 12.
- Also, there is a limit of location possession points and mercenary possession points in the amount of 330 and 300 points, respectively.
- The limit of heroes is set to 30.
- The time for the resurrection of heroes after their death is 10 minutes.
- Included siege modes for all types of attacks: cities, fortresses, mercenary locations, and population locations.
- Despite the limit of location possession points and mercenary possession points, the construction of locations is not available on the server. In addition to the exception - the barbarian fort and the forest camp (for those who have a certain skill in a Skill tree).
Therefore, to get units for hiring from fountains, you need to capture locations that will be added to the server randomly.
- There is no pro-tactics mode. This means that all units are equally effective on any ground, which greatly facilitates the game for inexperienced players in combat strategies.
- A restriction has been introduced for the construction of forts. Their maximum number will be 5 per account.
- There is no change of nations.
- The order has a maximum number of knights equal to -25. Keep this in mind when recruiting knights in an order.
-When leaving the order, a new contract can be concluded only after 5 days.
- Introducing a new entity - EQUIPMENT. Each specialty has its own. Equipment can be found for temporary location exploration. The use of equipment occurs in 2 stages. First, you need to transfer the artifact to the equipment from the castle treasury through a special menu, and then apply it to the character in a separate tab of the Research Tree. You can also watch your (or change) or someone else’s equipment through the throne room by clicking on the icon

- A new system for gaining experience. The most experience points players will get for killing units, not for hiring them. Experience is also awarded for the location exploration, the construction of buildings and hero development.

That’s about everything!
We wish you new friends and worthy opponents as well as great battle victories on the new Otton-Rise of Empire server!

NB! On the server OTTON - buying an offer, you will receive EXCLUSIVELY sales of the nominal that you buy