על: 31 Oct 2019 [20:17]

Dear Knights and Ladies!
We are pleased to announce our research competition "Black obsidian"!
Black obsidian (volcanic glass, as it is also called) is a frozen lava, which is erupted by active volcanoes.
This gem is very powerful and mysterious; ancient people appreciated its qualities.
Knives, arrows, spears were made of mineral. Palaces and temples were also lined with this mineral.
Shamans and magicians using black stone tried to establish a reliable connection with the spirit world.
Nevertheless, the most powerful energy that helps to heal diseases, develop superpowers, talk to spirits, is worth it to look for valuable Black obsidian.

And now the conditions of competition:
- Epic server does not participate in the competition!
- To receive a prize, you need to place 1 or 2 researched logs in one report with the found a valuable artifact.
- Logs are accepted only from temporary locations.
- The location can be investigated only once.
- In the report, you can specify only one log with mandatory research.
- Temporary locations located inside the contour are not accepted!
- Location "secret treasure" will not be considered.
- All battle logs have to be in the above mentioned contest period of time.
- In order to preserve you logs copy them to your computer.
- Attentively check your report before sending!

- Contest starts 01.11.2019, 00:01 and ends 13.11.2019, 23:59 (server time).

Attention combat logs are accepted only in the form of report! To draw up your report, click on the pencil drawing:


- Find just one Black Obsidian and get a prize: 100000 gold and 25000 diamonds + Bonus

- Who can find more than one mineral will receive a Super prize: 200000 gold and 50000 diamonds + Bonus

Forward brave knights and beautiful ladies and not a step back!

Good luck and have fun on exploring locations!
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מעודכן: 21 Nov 2019 [14:10]
Congratulations to the winners of the contest: Black obsidian (:s22:)

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