על: 21 Jun 2019 [12:39]
Dear players of Outremer, El Dorado and Koryo!

Finally, the long-awaited time of unification has arrived!
We present you a new server - NEW_HOPE.

And now we will reveal its features.
Players are waiting for three powerful nations: the Teutonic Order, the Kingdom of Andalusia and the Mongol Empire. But not everything is so simple: only a player with accounts on more than 1 server (Outremer, El Dorado, Koryo), as well as players who did not have accounts on the servers listed above, but who wish to try their luck on a new server, can choose their nation. The remaining players will be automatically transferred to the designated side.
Players of the Outremer server are protecting the territory of the Teutonic Order, the players of the El Dorado server are defending the lands of Andalusia, and the players of the Koryo server will protect the Mongolian empire.

To make it easier for players to adjust, each side gets its own game setting to which they are used: the classic setting, the setting of El Dorado and the Koryo setting.

Each player when switching to the new server will receive a special city with a castle, the level of which is determined by the level of development of its mercenary points, population, points of equipment, ships, etc. from the server from which the player is transferring. The higher your personal points on the current combat server, the higher the level of the castle you get on the new server.
All points received from this city are personal and are not shared among the members of the order.
The city that players receives is special: it cannot be captured, it cannot be abandoned, it is the port and historical by default.

And now about other features of the server:
- On the server, each of the parties has 2 unique units of the nation. One horseman is hired in the castle for mercenary points and the second infantryman is hired in a special tab in the barracks for the population.
- Each new city increases the hiring amount of the special units - so hiring horseman units depends on the number of cities the player has, but hiring infantry depends solely on the number of historical cities.
- Speaking of cities. The limit of city possession points on the server is 5. The remaining points can only be added using the crown. But the rule of one-time use for each crown is saved. Thus, taking into account the existing crowns, the maximum number of available cities is 12.
- Also, there is established a limit of location possession points and mercenary possession points in the amount of 220 and 200 points, respectively.
- The hero limit is set to 21.
- The time of the resurrection of the heroes after their death is 30 minutes.
- There will be sieges on all types of attacks: cities, fortresses, mercenary and population locations.
- Despite the limit of location possession points and mercenary possession points, location construction is not available on the server. Therefore, in order to be able to hire units from the fountains, it is necessary to capture locations that will be added to the server randomly.
- The pro-tactics mode is on. This means that all units (except for rare exceptions) received additional factors that increase or decrease the attack and protection on a particular type of soil. See what's under your feet and win!
- Especially for this server in the castle, you can permanently hire Mamluk and Elite shooter.
- All melee units are divided according to the types of weapons: swords, spears and axes.
- Introduced 3 new hero skills - spear possession, ax possession and a sword possession, as well as a set of permanent artifacts of reinforcing units in these groups.
- New artifacts are available for craft in forges. Lighter levels in the forge of the city and the most powerful, giving a significant advantage in battle - in a special forge fortress.
- Some types of already familiar artifacts have been reworked.
- We have changed the cost of all units without changing their attack and defense parameters.
- It is forbidden to change the soil in the valley, now it is impossible to demolish or plant forests and mountains and it is impossible to install walls.
- The complete lack of diplomacy. Your ally is only the knight of your order. Players of one nation are in permanent neutrality.
- There is no change of nations.
- The Order has the maximum number of knights equal to -15. Keep this in mind when recruiting knights to the order.

Now we think that's all!
We wish you new friends, worthy opponents and the great victories in battles on the new server NEW_HOPE