על: 18 Jan 2019 [11:13]
Dear players! Meet the new building - The Monument to the great Warrior. This monument is a reward for players who have reached certain heights in festive contests!
The construction of the monument is carried out through the outpost menu using a special draft. Each draft levels up the monument. Drafts cannot be sold or transferred, and you cannot reject the built Monument.
Every day the Monument brings gifts to its owner - new reinforced artifacts that cannot be crafted or bought. The number and their appearance - depends on the level of the monument!

P.S. The Monument of the Warrior cannot be captured, built in the contour or taken into the contour, but artifacts can be robbed. But be aware that when a robbery of newly enhanced artifacts occurs, there is an alert in the chat!

In addition, enhanced artifacts will come as a reward to the owners of the citadel. We ask you to be careful - if there will be no place for the artifacts in the storage of the Order, they will be sent to the Order master and he will not be able to transfer them to the order!

Other changes
1. Order masters, advisers, and marshals receive a special badge in the chat rooms!