על: 22 Aug 2018 [12:57]
מעודכן: 06 Feb 2019 [12:35]

Dear players!
We present you the long-awaited EPIC server for the mid-server battles.

The main features of the server:
1. While registering on the server, you will need to select the server for which you will fight, as well as the Order.
The development of the Order can be determined by the designated players. The assignments will be held in the first few days after registration.
2. The base points (mercenary, population, equipment and ship points from your combat server) are synchronized with the server you chose (without vassal points, Order and citadel bonuses). Please note that if you chose the Beta server while registering into the new server, the points will be synchronized exactly from this combat server.
3. On the server, only 8 types of combat units are available.
4. Pro-tactics are also enabled on the server. This means that the type of soil under your feet affects the combat characteristics of units.
5. New specially designed artifacts for this server.
6. The impossibility of building mercenary and population locations, the restriction on city possession points and heroes.
7. Ability to capture resource locations.
8. Capture cities through siege mode.
9. Prizes in specially marked Tops, that you will receive in the main combat server for which you are fighting.
10. Customizable pass for your allies to visit your cities.
11. On the server, you can purchase a premium subscription. A VIP subscription is possible only as a prize for certain places in the Top.
12. Fortresses will open gradually automatically.
13. Also in the Chronicles, you will find Tops that are marked in gray. Prizes for the first places in these Tops are synchronized with your main server. For example, if you play for Beta, then you will receive prizes for a place in the Epic Top on your account on the Beta server.
14. Any player caught with multi accounts, including contractual battles, will get a ban for a week on the EPIC server and 3 days on the main account, despite its social status.
NB! Choose a server wisely, because later you will be able to change the server only through the Technical Support and for a fee.
על: 09 Nov 2018 [15:30]
year 2029
על: 06 Feb 2019 [13:58]
Most probably today(:s1:)
על: 06 Feb 2019 [18:59]
give us more info .. do not let us stay in the darknes
על: 06 Feb 2019 [19:03]
Ist es schon wieder nur eine Abzocke ??

Glaube ihr übertreibt es mit Geld aus der Tasche zu ziehen.(:s12:)(:s12:)(:s12:)(:s12:)
על: 09 Feb 2019 [22:13]
Envija hello!!! i connected in epic on 6 or 7/2/2019 in outremer and order eastern outremer. next day epic was not working and from next day till some minutes before it was showing only Grail. i pushed the button and it started in the grail. I DONT WANT IT. WHY i dont see outremer????????
על: 06 Jun 2019 [06:37]
Any new update about this?
happy wheels unblocked