על: 19 Dec 2013 [00:30]
מעודכן: 19 Dec 2013 [00:31]
On December 19th all servers will be updated, and though this time the list of updates is short – updates themselves are so cool!

Here’s a brand new type of quests in 1100AD, and another chance to get useful items for free (:s24:) When you complete the quest – you may get diamonds, reputation points, or special artifacts “coins”, which can be made of copper, silver, or gold.
Coin is an artifact, that can’t be used, given to another player, or sold on the Auction.
Coins can be kept only in the City Treasury, or in the Artifact Storage.
It may be transferred only in between one player’s cities. Transfer to a hero, or to the Order Treasury is not allowed.

Coins may be exchanged to precious in-game items.

You can’t decline daily quest, though you can complete it automatically by paying gold. The reward is granted disregarding the way you’ve completed the quest.
If you are on the 11th level already, but do not receive daily quests – log out and log into the game and it will be fine.

In any location you can loop from npc pieces of a secret map. When you get 6 pieces you may knock them into one map in the Blacksmith (you may buy the whole map in the Auction). This map shows the way to one of the Lost Cities. This city is a unique location with special bonuses. When the player finds and captures such a city, it becomes visible for everyone. The city brings to its owner the following:
+750 population;
+750 mercenary points;
+25% resources extracted in this location.

In Lost Cities together with common units you can hire in barracks and stables 3 unique units:
* Norman pikeman (1 population point);
* Norman swordsman (1 population point);
* Norman knight (3 population points).

New World, West and El Dorado servers:
These servers already have Lost Cities. This update will bring same characteristics to such cities on these server, but the list of unique units is different, and includes:

* Iroquois Horseman;
* Iroquois with Tomahawk;
* Mayan Warrior.

Today, on December 18th, this update has been installed on the following servers:
Livonian Order, New Beta, Unification of Aragon, El Dorado, Eurasia. Other servers will be updated tomorrow.

Come and play, and don’t forget to enjoy your horse ride, my dear Knight!
על: 07 Jan 2014 [15:13]
i did that(:s1:)
even tried to send attack to all the empty spaces in the vally !

was mistake from ad town was on location of a rock :(

got my third map and found the town exactly on the place indicatd on the map, now taking the town !!

only apity it all took 2 weeks and they offered no compensation for my troubles and patience !!
על: 03 Jul 2014 [09:23]
מעודכן: 03 Jul 2014 [09:26]
I figured it out now. Sorry for that I was just stressed.(:s11:) I bookmarked the tile and it came up as a named city with the timer correct as per the treasure map.
על: 03 Apr 2020 [10:52]
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