על: 01 Oct 2012 [13:27]
מעודכן: 27 Nov 2012 [15:21]
Hello all.
We would like to present you the schedule of technical maintenance on our servers.

Attention! During this time, the servers may become temporary unavailable for the users, and interrupt any current action made by the user.

Before we will start the maintenance, the user will be notified of the future restart via the system message through the personal game mail.

Please take note that it is user’s sole responsibility to be aware of the upcoming restart, and that AmberGames does not take any responsibility for any damages and/or losses, should they occur, if the user did not take the time to read the notice of upcoming restart and/or technical maintenance.

Technical maintenance will happen every Tuesday on Beta server and on Wednesdays on other servers, in the following time interval: 10:00-20:00 +3GMT time, with server being restarted as maintenance carries on.

Additionally, there might be a time when there will be an urgent need to stop one or several servers to fix hardware and/or software issues. In such cases, the players may not be informed of the upcoming maintenance, as such situation can be accidental and cannot be controlled.

Moreover, please note that the server updates its database every 6 hours starting from any restart. On Koryo, Holy Grail, and Skogmark, this time has been reduced to 3 hours.

The time it takes for the server to update the database is usually 3 to 10 minutes, which means that the server will stop for 3 to 10 minutes.
During the time it takes to update database of the server, the user’s account is saved into the database.
Users will not be warned in advance of the upcoming server database update.

We remind you that after server restart, there might be a case when the graphics are not shown properly in your game browser, since you have and old copy saved in your cache memory. In such case, we recommend you to clear your browser’s cache. The guide to cleaning your browser’s cache can be found here.
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