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ekkor: 17 Dec 2014 [16:32]
frissítve: 17 Dec 2014 [16:34]
Dear Players,
We have decided to alter the limits in connection with the recently-frequent complaints about server lags resulting from large numbers of armies assembling for merc hut captures and the resulting impossibility to send out campaigns.
The players cannot send more than 45 armies to an adventure hut or a merc hut now.
If a player attempts to send more armies than that or spawn more of them once on location already, he or she will get the following message: ‘The limit of armies per campaign is reached.’
If a player sends more armies on a raid in some way, the Administration will use the reserved right to penalise the violator by banning him or her from the game account for 3 days.
Please, note that it is precisely the quantity of armies that causes server lags. If you want interesting encounters with your opponents, you should really take this limitation in good faith and avoid the excess of the army number limit then.

2. The reduced number of armies brings about the tripling of the number of attacking units per army.
That is to say, the basic value of instant attacker units equalling 100 will equal 300 following the intro of the new build. It means, in turn, that the number of the units attacking simultaneously will go from 200-250 to 600-750 (counting in also various bonuses).
The other ratios (including the morale one) will remain unchanged.
Thus we are securing the compensation for the reduced number of armies per player.
As regards the heroes that will be made redundant as the armies are rearranged to meet the new requirements, put them in a safe place. There is no need to dismiss them.

This novelty will be installed on all the servers on 18.12.2014 and will remain in operation throughput the New Year’s Eve Campaign – up till 15.01.2015.

Good luck in your battles!
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ekkor: 18 Dec 2014 [13:16]
And what happends if the city is attacked?
ekkor: 18 Dec 2014 [13:55]
Kvóta Hakushi:

Do you leave your army unprotected overnight in a non-contoured city?
ekkor: 18 Dec 2014 [13:58]
No but not everyone have contours so the question is still there.
ekkor: 18 Dec 2014 [13:59]
Then you must either join excessive ones, or send them to another city. Otherwise it could be counted as cheating and set ban at game
ekkor: 18 Dec 2014 [14:17]
So if I understand correctly, if a player cannot afford to build contours, keep his armies in one city and he have more than 45, I can send a scout attacking his city and he can get banned for that?
ekkor: 18 Dec 2014 [16:32]
I am more concerned with getting killed by someone with more than 45 armies. If I do, will my heroes and troops be reimbursed?
ekkor: 18 Dec 2014 [18:55]
I am glad, that developers try to do something about the lag!
ekkor: 18 Dec 2014 [19:35]
Process is not automated, each claim would be investigated manually
ekkor: 19 Dec 2014 [03:37]
How does this effect aragon?

Because last week for a small battle, my access got jammed. I could not load a page or anything.
ekkor: 24 Jan 2019 [11:06]
Thank you for your sharing. Thanks to this article I can learn more things. Expand your knowledge and abilities. Actually the article is very practical. Thank you!
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