on: 29 Aug 2019 [12:03]
Every year on September 1, all schools celebrate Knowledge Day! This is a holiday for schoolers (especially first-graders), their parents, teachers, students and, for everyone who teaches and learns. The 1100AD team congratulates all students and their parents on this wonderful and very first fall holiday!

In honor of the holiday of knowledge, today in the 1100AD world begins a holiday with special offers, gifts and games, which will last from August 29 to September 12!

You can collect magic feathers and books of knowledge in all quest locations!


Take a part in the ‘’Match Three’’ Mini Game! Once in a while, the player will get free moves, and additional moves can be purchased for gold. For each player statistics are kept and at the end of the holidays the TOP 10 best players from each server will receive individual prizes!
The rules of the game are very simple: It is necessary to collect in a row or column of 3, 4 or 5 identical elements. Depending on the number of items collected, the player receives points. Obstacles in the form of blocks that block elements will appear on the playing field. You can break the blocks by crossing two striped elements or two bombs, or break them with a hammer. Though blocks can be strong and one time might not be enough to completely break the block.

Accumulate game points and get super prizes! The more games, the more valuable prizes.

For each player and each Order, there are statistics on the number of points and at the end of the holidays, the TOP-10 best players and TOP-10 best Orders * will receive valuable prizes. Win different items for yourself and additional skill points for the Order!

Players also have a TOP in which the most effective Order will be determined among all participating Orders. The top 3 orders for this TOP will receive a +1 extra point to the Order's skills.

Additionally, we are announcing a mid-server contest!

The top 3 players from this TOP will receive special prizes, however each player can receive only one prize in the categories:

- Best player in the mini-game;
- Best bell ringer;
- Best combination collector;
- Best player in effectiveness;
- Best scholar.

Additionally, the top 5 Orders who won in the mid-server competition will receive special prizes in each category!

Follow the statistics of the game, and win unique prizes!

During the celebration, new temporary soldiers will appear in the game - the Sharpshooter and the Wiseman. Soldiers can be obtained in a mini-game, purchased, or received as a gift. The soldiers will last until the end of October, after which they will be automatically removed. The exact time of the disappearance will be announced later.

The tear of wisdom provides rare and necessary resources for the player development, as well as for the necessary new residence level, the elixir is able to strengthen the hero's fighting skills by 5%, the grimoire is able to strengthen the army.

In honor of the holiday in locations you can find a new artifact - a dark grimoire. We keep statistics on how many artifacts each player will find. At the end of the holiday, TOP 10 players will receive a prize!

You can see your place in the TOP statistics.

Warlock - has the knowledge of the black magic. He is very strong and dangerous. Even alone, he can defeat the strongest player if he is not ready. Do not try to engage in battle with the warlock, not armed with powerful artifacts.
You can meet them in cities, player locations where there are no armies, and there is also a chance to meet this character when exploring locations.
Since the warlocks are very strong, a reward has been announced for their killing.

You can see your place in the TOP statistics.

During the holidays, you can find items at low prices in the game store, and the following discounts will also apply:
- 50% for the transfer of artifacts;
- 40% on the purchase of vassal points and points of ownership of locations;
- 40% for the construction of tunnels;
- 30% for the construction of all camps of mercenaries;
- 30% for the construction of the fort and walls in the valley;
- 25% on some castle levels

A level has been added to the Winter Residence building. The NEW HOPE server also has the opportunity to build this building if the player has reached 12th level of knowledge.
On all servers except NEW HOPE, the limit for building Rare buildings is increased by 1.
The NEW HOPE server has the ability to raise the level of Rare buildings by 2.