on: 18 Apr 2019 [18:28]
updated: 18 Apr 2019 [20:13]
Very soon, the brightest holiday of the year, Easter, will knock on our doors and windows. The bright resurrection of Christ is a celebration of humanity, when we forget about violence and bitterness in our souls, when we unite with our families and friends in order to give each other a piece of light, warmth, and kindness.

1100AD team heartily congratulates all players on the upcoming Easter holidays and wishes that peace, love, and prosperity always reign in your families and hearts.
In honor of this holiday - from April 18 until May 2, you will find new items, promotions, mini-games and special offers in the game!

In all cities where there is a free cell of sand or grass, a special, festive tree will appear - Easter Palm. Once in a while, the tree lights up with colored lights and brings a gift to its owner.
All players during Easter Sunday will receive special gifts!

Take part in a mini-game “match three” and try your luck in the battle among the best!
The rules of the game are very simple:
It is necessary to assemble a row or column of 3, 4 or 5 identical elements. Depending on the number of items collected, the player gets points. Collect points and get great prizes! The more games, the more valuable the prizes.
This year, a combination of two bombs gives a special number of points.

For each player and for each Order, statistics on the number of points collected is kept and after the holidays TOP 10 best players and TOP 10 best Orders on each server will receive valuable prizes.
Guaranteed monument prizes are available in each level passed, starting from the 39th.

Additionally, we announce a mid-server contest!
The top 3 players from the TOP “Match three” will receive special prizes, but each player can receive only one prize in the nominations:
- The best player in the mini-game;
- The best decorator;
- The best collector of combinations;
- The best player in performance;
- Easter Master.

Keep track of the game statistics, win and get unique prizes!

Easter Bunny - help the rabbit fulfill his love mission and get his reward! To complete the task, you need to collect special artifacts that can be obtained for temporary location research (except for the Misty Mines, Burnt Village, Golden and Diamond Mine). When all parts are in place, the player receives the indicated reward. List of awards can be shuffled for gold.
For each player, statistics are kept about how many missions he helped to complete. At the end of the holidays, the TOP 10 best players will receive a prize. You can see your place in the TOP statistics.

A guaranteed draft of the Monument of the Great Warrior will be available after the assembly of 30 rabbits.

There is also a mid-server competition in the Mini-game “Easter Bunny”!
TOP-20 best players among all servers that score the most points in a mini-game will receive valuable prizes.

Updated artifacts have appeared in the game - pussy willow, a basket, and an easter cake ... Such artifacts can be found after location research. The best players who will collect the largest number of easter cakes will receive valuable prizes at the end of the holiday! You can monitor your results in the game statistics (Top).

At the time of the celebration, a new soldier will appear in the game - the Heavy Crossbowman and the Bulgar Cavalryman. A soldier can be obtained for a mini-game, purchased or received as a gift. The soldier will serve until the summer, after which it will automatically retire. The exact time of the disappearance can be seen when pointing your mouse over the soldier in the tavern.

Through the building in the outpost, you can find a new location - the Santiago castle.
This location gives its owners the right to hire Santiago knights (infantry and horsemen). This means that the limit on the number of units is determined by the number of given locations in the Order.

During spring cleaning, the housekeeper found an old map, on which is marked the place where our king's great-grandfather in the well hid his treasures. Explore it and maybe you will be lucky enough to find the treasure.

+10 skills appeared in the skill tree, as well as some existing skills gained additional levels. So choose and plan strategically.
You can develop skills on the EPIC server as well.

Do not miss the festive events in the game:
1. April 21 in honor of the Catholic Easter.
2. April 28 in honor of the Orthodox Easter.

Do not miss the opportunity to build locations and raise the levels of castles and draft buildings with a discount!

1. The level of the Obelisk was raised to 60.
2. Castle Level raised to 40.
3. All draft buildings received a +1 quantity limit.
4. The building construction scheme has been improved, now having a VIP subscription, the system will automatically and for free transfer the necessary draft to the city. If there is no subscription, a window will appear with the price of a draft transfer.
5. In the store, you have a new opportunity to purchase - Monument Reward Auto accept. Auto Acceptance is valid for 7 days and gifts from the Monument will automatically appear in Kingdom Events. So you can be sure, there will be no loss of the gifts, in case you are going to leave for a couple of days.