on: 21 Dec 2017 [17:29]
updated: 21 Dec 2017 [18:59]
We invite all players to dive into the holiday atmosphere, join winter festivities, say farewell to the year 2017 and celebrate the upcoming year to the fullest!

We wish Merry Christmas and the Happy New Year to all of our players from the depth of our hearts!
Let the new year bring you and your loved ones health, happiness and dreams coming true.
Let it be filled with great adventures, glorious battles and interesting connections!

Thank you, our dear players, for being with us. You are great!

A Christmas Tree appeared in all cities! Once in 12 hours Christmas Tree will be lit with colorful lights and this means that the time has come to get your gift!
Visit your Christmas Tree regularly and enjoy your Christmas Gifts! In your gift bags you will have the chance to find resources, artifacts, unique soldiers, gold and diamonds.


The Dungeon appeared at Christmas Tree, where the defenders hid and guard their treasures!
In contrast to the usual dungeon your opponents are stronger than usual, and you will have to sweat a little to get what you want!

Participate in the “match 3” mini-game and test your luck in the battle with the best!
Rules of the game are simple:
You need to collect in a column or row 3,4 or 5 elements of the same kind. Depending on the amount of elements collected players get awarded with points. Collect points and receive super prizes! The more games you play the better the prizes.

This time mini-game has new kind of bonuses - a hammer
and a star.
Hammer allows you to remove any 1 element, but star gives you double points for 30 min.

Each player and every Order has statistics enabled that tracks amount of points. After the holidays TOP 10 of the best players and Orders on every server will receive valuable prizes.
The most effective Order will be determined by top. The TOP-3 Orders win an extra point to the skills of the Order. The effectiveness of this top is considered by the formula: the sum of all the created special elements (a pumpkin and striped elements) / the sum of all the blown up elements + the sum of all the created special elements * / 1000,

* The amount of all created by you special elements can be obtained by combining the data of tops by special elements.

Additional cross-server contest!
Each player with 15 million points among all servers will receive special set and bonus city with 10 000 mercenary and population points and for every next 1 million points this bonus will be increased by 1000 points.

The TOP 3 players will receive special prizes, but each player can get only one prize in the following nominations:

- best mini-game player;
- best decorator;
- best combination;
- most effective player;
- Christmas Grinch.

Follow the game statistics, start winning and get unique prizes!



This year we have a new mini-game for you - “Build a snowman”.
To build a snowman you will need to obtain special artifacts that can be received during exploration of temporary locations (Wrecked Trade Wagon, War Camp, Trade Fair, Dense Forest and Laplandia).

Received artifacts can be inserted in the corresponding parts of the snowman body. When all the parts are in place, a player will get the indicated reward.Reward list can be renewed for gold.
Each player will have statistics regarding how many snowmen he has collected. At the end of the holidays TOP 10 of the players will get prizes.
Players can check their progress in the TOP section in statistics.

Snowman mini-game has a cross-server contest as well!
TOP 10 of the best players among all server who will collect the most points in this mini-game will receive great prizes and also the TOP 3 Orders among all servers will get the chance to win +1 Order skill.


This year we introduce 3 new artifacts:

Crown of Elizabeth II.

To get this artifact you will need to assemble it in the forge using special ingredients. Besides the common ingredients, you will need to add a new one - Silk Velvet. The Crown will give + 1 City Location Point and is usable only once.

Standard of Scotland.
To get this artifact, you will need to assemble it in the forge using the existing ingredients. The artifact will give + 1 Location Control Point and you can use it only once.

Iroquese Totem.
To get this artifact, you will need to assemble it in the forge using the existing ingredients. The artifact will give + 1 Mercenary Control Point and you can use it only once.
Attention! After using any of the abovementioned artifacts, you will need to accept the Points in the events tab.

In the forge you will also be able to find Christmas Tree artifact.

This artifact can be assembled from the following ingredients: branches, balls and candies that can be found in almost any location. Using this artifact players will receive a gift of kingdom event. Among the gifts there are artifacts, gold, diamonds and even the chance to get Location Control Point!

- 80% for artifact transfer;
- 40% for buying vassal points and location control points;
- 30% for building any kind of mercenary camps;
- 30% for building fort and walls in the valley;
- 30% for transfer city in valley;
- 30% for sms services;
- 50% for increasing Order skill “Vassalage”;
- 50% for increasing Order skill “Storage”.
- 50% for refusal of the city


During the holiday special the game will have a new units available - Northern Hunter and Flame-colored Archeress. The unit can be recruited by playing a mini-game, purchased during promos, coin exchanger or received as a gift. They will serve under your command until spring after that the unit will vanish automatically.


Do not miss the festivities in the game:
1. On the night of Catholic Christmas on December 24 at 23:59.
2. In the New Year's Eve 31 December at 23:59.
3. On the night of the Orthodox Christmas on January 6 at 23:59.

Game Changes

1. Limit of Lighthouses increased to 30 per player.
2. For your convenience all gift buldings in the “Gifts” tab now are sorted by levels, what significantly reduce search time and installation for you building.
3. Now you can transfer artifacts from one city to another with several slots.

Important conditions:

1. Artifacts can be transferred only in an equal amount. For example, if you select several slots with different number of artifacts in them, then it will be transferred at the lowest value of the artifacts.
2. To select the slots for transfer, click the mouse until the highlight appears. The first slot in the treasury is not selected by default, it should be noted again, highlighting for the transfer.
3. If you transfer several slots in one time, gold will be charded for each slot. In Gold transactions you will be able to check it.

The old wiseacre predicts that the fierce times will come with the young moon. The treasury of the kingdom was almost empty.
The army can not protect our lands. The lord will raise the tax to strengthen the army and impose a tax on the construction of buildings. So that under protection could live a civilian. Dark times approaching...
Hurry! Take advantage of discounts.

Follow news and happy Christmas!