on: 03 Oct 2017 [13:07]
updated: 03 Oct 2017 [13:48]
It was the 16th century ... Year after year for a long time, every inhabitant of the Spanish colony heard of secret lands in the middle of the ocean where ships sink about rocks, where the soil burns with fire and where the untouched gold lies. Rumors about the greatest wealth attract to their lands brave adventurers, curious researchers and greedy barons.

After Columbus discovered a new world, creating there the first overseas colonies of Spain, the fiery land became the main goal of Spanish research and colonization. In addition to the main movement of the Empire, everyone who led the expedition also had its own selfish goals for new lands. Gold, slaves, power and glory - all that only barons could dream of, all that the Spanish man wants to own. The greed of people leads to wars not only with the indigenous inhabitants of the lands but also among themselves.

The new land is open for new opportunities, gather strength, raise troops, build cities and go for your adventures!
On the server ISLAGRANDE (Fire Land), players have the choice of one of the parties: devote themselves to the Spanish Empire or take the side of the indigenous inhabitants of Mapuche and unite with them to resist the invaders.

The main feature of the server is the Arena, where players can conduct a duel in different difficulty modes.
In the arenas, there are 3 modes: Base, Knight and Royal. Each mode has its own set of restrictions and requirements. All requirements for the regime are indicated in its description.
Making fights in duels, the winning players earn points for which they can get interesting gifts in accordance with prize scale and in TOPs in the arena.

Technical features of the server:
the maximum number of knights in the order - 10 people;
limit on trips of 50k soldiers, the limit will increase as the server develops;
There is no limit on the points of possession of mercenary locations;
there is no outline in the valley;
In the valley, the flag mode is enabled https://image.prntscr.com/image/AxjiklQbQmu5MKSc9Efx5Q.png;
Unique units (combat mastiff and polar bear) are available;
pumping heroes is slower than usual;
The study of the skills of the Order now takes some time, and the number of simultaneously studied skills depends on the Order of the Order;
All seizures, with the exception of mercenary locations, take place under a new regime with a siege https://image.prntscr.com/image/M30SCqvrQeeCBS8Z-sxd3w.png;

Some soldiers in the setting of Eldorado changed their name and appearance, for example, The Livonian Auxilary became an Arquebusier, the warrior Vitalier became the Mojave Indian;
For the remaining servers, the unique Barbarian became Vandal.