on: 15 Mar 2017 [17:20]
updated: 28 Mar 2017 [14:21]
Meet the most cheerful, greenest and Irish spring holiday - St. Patrick's Day! We already know that people from all corners of the world welcome St. Patrick's Day in green сloses, with dances and with ale in their hands!

In honor of the upcoming holiday, we congratulate all of our players and wish them happiness, success, luck and be sure to find your pot of gold!

During the entire festive week from 15.03 to 24.03 in the game will be available different discounts, promotions, hot offers and holiday changes!

In all cities outside of contours, where there is a landscape of sand or grass, there will appear green houses of leprechauns. Such houses can be investigated and you can get from 1 to 3 ancient coins.
The number of collected coins for each player can be seen in the statistics, where the top-10 of the best and most active collectors of coins will receive valuable prizes at the end of the holiday.
Collected ancient coins can be exchanged in the exchanger through the store menu.
Through the tavern you can take part in the mini-game "Fight in the tavern."
Collect your best heroes and send them to battle for victory! The more you win, the more points, and therefore the more valuable prizes you can get. At the end of the holiday, the best fighters will be given prizes.

For each player and each Order, statistics are maintained on collecting coins and drunken brawl, at the end of the holidays,
the TOP-10 best players and TOP-10 best Orders * will receive valuable prizes.
The main prize this year for players is +1 PPPL (Points of possession of the population locations) and 25% to the library, and for TOP-3 Orders - the skills for the Order (ask in technical support).
1st-3rd place: +1 point to any of the Order's skills on Order choice .
* In the TOP among the Orders prizes will be given to all the Knights of the Order.

Dear players! We bring to your attention that the bonus points of the Order's skills can be increased no more than up to level 30. With the exception of seats in the Order, which can only be increased by 5 points above the maximum level set for this server

By building in the outpost, you can find a new location of the population - settlement. The new location after the construction brings its owner additional population and mercenaries points. That location has only 3 levels and for each level gives +2000 population and mercenaries points. To set a location, you will need:
1) Permission for construction, which will be issued to all players in honor of the holiday. One permission allows you to build 1 location.
2) Points of possession of the population locations (PPPL), which can be purchased in the store, in the promotions or win in the competitions for TOPs.
The location additionally provides the population points for the Order, which can be divided between the Knights by the decision of the Master.

Note: This location works just like the population location - Farm.

Good news for Farm owners in the valley. Farm can be upgraded to the settlement.
When the Farm reaches its maximum level, an additional menu appears in the central building, through which it is possible to make a transformation.
To upgrade Farm to settlement you will need 999 gold and a special artifact "Decree on Restructuring", which can be collected in the blacksmith, or purchased in promotions or win in Tops. As well you will Permission for construction, which will be issued to all players in honor of the holiday (like for Livonian castle or Visborg). One permission allows you to transform 1 location.

During the holidays in the game store you can find items at low prices, and the following discounts will apply:
- 80% for transfer of artifacts;
- 40% for the purchase of vassal points and points of locations possession;
- 30% for the construction of all mercenary camps;
- 30% for the construction of the fort and walls in the valley;
- 30% for the creation of a new city;
- 30% for SMS services;
- 50% for improving the Order skill "Vassalage";
- 50% to improve the skill of the Order "Storage".
- 50% for refusal of the city.