on: 10 Sep 2015 [11:02]
updated: 10 Sep 2015 [14:12]
We congratulate all the winners by awarding them the wonderful prizes!

You can find the list of winners for each server in the corresponding server thread; we have collected the links to those topics here for your convenience:

Aquitaine -http://www2.1100ad.com/forum/view/35162
Aragon - http://www2.1100ad.com/forum/view/35165
Beta - http://www2.1100ad.com/forum/view/35169
Bohemia - http://www2.1100ad.com/forum/view/35170
Eldorado - http://www2.1100ad.com/forum/view/35167
Eurasia - http://www2.1100ad.com/forum/view/35168
Facebook -http://www2.1100ad.com/forum/view/35175
Gold Rush - http://www2.1100ad.com/forum/view/35173
Grail - http://www2.1100ad.com/forum/view/35164
Koryo - http://www2.1100ad.com/forum/view/35166
Livonian - http://www2.1100ad.com/forum/view/35171
Midgard - http://www2.1100ad.com/forum/view/35172
Siege of Acre - http://www2.1100ad.com/forum/view/35174

(:s33:)Please write to our Support Team in order to collect your city point and Order skills
P.S. Attention:
Any one player can ONLY become the coin searching contest TOP 1 winner ONCE and get the main prize - city point - at any one and the same server during the current calendar year.