on: 03 Apr 2013 [17:42]
updated: 03 Apr 2013 [18:28]
Dear players!

As you remember, during the winter holidays we had a lottery and we promised that we would spend a part of the money from this lottery on charity.
A little over 800 Euros was collected from lottery, and we have added a little more money to make a grand total of 1000 Euros.

This time we have decided to help out a “Ziemeļi” orphanage, which is located in Riga, in Mezapark area. Around 70 kids live there, aged from 4 to 19 years old. Older kids live in their own small communities – usually within a group of 5-6 people, they have their own living space with separate bedrooms, living room, and a kitchen, where they cook their own meals, compared to younger orphanage residents that are fed in orphanage canteen.

For these separate groups we have bought a refrigerator and a set of cookware items. As for younger kids, we have brought volley-, basket-, and footballs, as well our most important charity worker – a teddy-bear named Teddy, who, we hope, will bring lots of joy and smiles to these kids.

On 26th of March we gave all this to the orphanage, and we would like to share with you a few photos below of how we did it.

Thank you all for participating and willing to help all those who are in grave need for help and who are less fortunate.