Builds 2009-2-Half

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Builds of Second Half of 2009

#588 (2009/12/30)

  • added delete all read messages button by type to make it easy to cleanup useless town/combat or trade reports
  • it is now possible to move multi-cell buildings to another location (like castle, barracks, etc) via landscape tab of a free cell
  • sort buildings for movement by type and level in landscape tab
  • Order chat increased to 100 messages in chat history
  • fixed a bug when auctioning dead hero causes impossible to accept leader tab in the castle
  • fixed a bug that extra resources income with newbie or gold pack was not shown in the resources tab (storehouse)
  • fixed a bug when in combat reports affected town (link below message) shows its name as is (not re-named by person with a subscription pack)
  • added @@ORDER keyword to send diplomacy mail to all order members (including order owner), and @@LORD_ORDER to do same, but suitable if you are a vassal of a lord with an order
  • changed the way how resources are being split between campaigns on return, try to balance resources, not sending 25k of coal and 25k iron with one campaign and the same amount of wood with another, try to return 15k of all resources in all campaigns
  • when person loses his professional account, given nicknames should be cleared out, since he is no longer possible to adjust them
  • vassal purchase price for gold changed from static 500 to 400 + 25*current control level
  • fixed receiving more than 1 prize in adventure hut
  • remove collector from capture city
  • removed messages limit for private and sent mail folders when displaying them
  • hero skill healing to restore wounded (actually, it is necromancy and restoring dead :) units. restores up to 5, 10 and 20 units depending on knowledge level when returning from a campaign
  • fixed bug when reputation check on declaring war, etc was taken from the target, not the active player
  • changed a style of some message notifications (like when you have new mail, or your tactical command accepted), in the future all messages will use this system
  • all players were given their next NY gift, a free extra woman hero with newbie healing knowledge. If she will die, she will no longer be free unless you will have no hero in a city at the moment of revive

#577 (2009/12/24)

  • professional accounts now have 50% discount
  • newbie player tutorial highly redone, now with images, better description, rewards and more tasks to do giving better understanding of the game
  • added 2 new female heroes (now we have 4 female and 12 male heroes)
  • do not show buildings that does not differ (like 15 walls) in house movement form in landscape tab - group them into a single building
  • sort campaigns (in city, then moving to, then returning, then trade, in all groups own campaigns are listed higher)
  • allowed placing rally points on trees and rocks as well as on other terrains
  • ability to speed up unit training (costs up 7 gold)
  • fixed mercenary points given to Order master
  • fixed some cases when system assumed that there are enemies in your cite while it was not true
  • show what building requirements are blocking the current construction from starting when clicking on it
  • show what building requirements are blocking from terra forming execution
  • automatically pre-select first city when pressing exit in tactics
  • fixed progress bars in library and obelisk (in IE)
  • fast city switching now shows your cities with tactics links on the top making it easier to use
  • do not show send off support campaigns option if you are alone in the city
  • enable graphical combat reports by default
  • added logout link on the bottom of the page in addition to keys acting as logout (it was a difficult quest to find out how to log out actually)
  • correctly show messages if they contains enter (carriage return) inside
  • campaign result in resources now is calculated from robbed - your losses (not adding opponent losses as was previously)
  • increased a chance that army will find house to rob easier with automatic robbing, since it was just way too dumb
  • deny discarding of diplomacy relation if it was created less than a day ago
  • added a diplomacy clauses that should be paid once for L-V and Order relations, as a payment-to-make-a-deal, nut just sum every time. It is usually a best idea to set it always if you are requiring gold from another person on a daily basis, since this way you have better guarantees that he will pay you
  • fixed some scenarios when army was not trying to move when being shot by not seen opponent
  • fixed one of the scenarios when army could hang while being hit by opponent army during a long period of time while attacking bad target
  • campaign canceling (return) will now take the time used by campaign to travel to the current position to return, so if you clicked after 10 seconds, you will get your troops back in 10 seconds
  • volunteer heroes in tavern/castle should always be provided with different faces (if possible)
  • fixed a bug when sometimes we get strange messages on login, automatically reloaded after a second or two
  • fixed bug when person can not login while having cookie set to session currently occupied by another player
  • since there are large armies sometimes, an aproximate army now supports displaying value of 10000 and 15000 in addtion to the current 1-5-10-20-30-50-100-250-500-1000-1500-2000-3000-5000
  • drop incorrect army order when having attack command with no target army

#559 (2009/12/10)

  • fixed auction time when being almost complete but had no bids, after first bid jumping to 12 hours countdown (this should work only if more than 12 hours are left)
  • fixed some scenarios when army was not hitting opponent behind walls
  • when army is moving on a large distances by player-ordered move command, it should still keep an eye on other opponents and be possible controlled by AI
  • if resurrected hero is the only one, it must become a free leader
  • added aggressive player cleanup not to wait for a month of inactivity when player did nothing or almost nothing in-game after registered for a while (like having less to 100 points and registered for a week already)
  • adding a flashing notification about new messages in order chat
  • do not always create new cities for newly registered players, re-use already placed no commander cities in last valley for most cases
  • automatically create cities for logged in players who have none (this is actual when person not played for 2-3 weeks already, we do not give a city to him when he is captured, but if he logins back after that he is totally unable to play until server being re-started)
  • fixed calculations of used population (training) in resources tab (in storehouse) when having several similar buildings
  • fixed player getting off-line status in chat when some of his sessions expired while some other are still alive
  • remember selected city in resources supply screen
  • always keep cities with armies in top in the related cities panel
  • sort cities on exit screen by return time
  • added in-game tops of orders - by power and by evolution level
  • fixed adventure huts having ranged attack by default that makes it too easy to fight against by players due to recent melee/adaptive range update
  • fixed hidden cities still visible for vassals / order members
  • added bonus for training troops in 10-level building, so level 9 barracks, stables and workshops will build 9 units at time, and level 10 - 10 units at the same time
  • added morale bonus for city defender basing on tavern level
  • added ability to view order members for order owner the same way like lord views vassals (it was impossible to check if order member pays mercenary tax or not)
  • resources exchange in tavern limited to 30k (previously limit was based on storehouse, so having little or no storehouse, but a pack of strongboxes made exchange almost impossible)
  • added 2 female heroes, so players are now able to hire females! happy preparations to NY/Christmas! :)

#542 (2009/12/03)

  • enabled orders on all servers
  • display hero skill description when viewing hero
  • display defense bonus for gates and walls
  • added Polish language
  • increased marauders amount in adventure huts
  • AI should never take control of armies when armies are moving and movement ordered by player
  • armies are now fighting while moving towards enemy, this improves ranged units and melee/adaptive range

#538 (2009/11/30)

  • fixed battle report paging for huge reports
  • added special (last) page to report to view statistical data about losses of each involved commander (note, that if your ally army was in the same cell and opponent hit it, the loss will be counted as your ally one, not yours)
  • fixed bug when changing valley in attack screen was not refreshing opponent and city at the coordinates
  • added feature to move a building to another location without demolishing it (only 1-tile housing are supported from now, and it is now possible to move resource extraction building WITH resource spot to a different location), possible only if there are no opponent armies in the city

#532 (2009/11/26)

  • added possibility to view battle report by unlogged users (you can share the report url with another person while the report is not yet expired)
  • allow to speed up terrain morphing

#530 (2009/11/25)

  • fixed nicknames not being reset after you capture city which you renamed
  • vassals receives ally relation by default from lord (can be overridden)
  • battle log is now fully storied, so players are able to view the whole log (with paging) in a new window. it is storied for 3 days (10 days for professional account players)
  • fixed resources tab in storehouse not calculating training troops
  • added French language
  • campaign should is no longer considered inactive (and thus filtered in prof account) if it has heroes or orders
  • AI armies should wait for player delay only when they have orders, no reason to stay and die when have no orders
  • deny war declaration by players still under newbie protection
  • fixed repair of payed buildings (strongbox)
  • fixed market free space display
  • log out all player session when pressing log out button
  • fixed ally campaigns on castle takeover not always switched to support/aid campaigns

#526 (2009/11/19)

  • message history when replying should be sorted by newest first
  • ability to cancel own troops auction lot if no bids were added yet
  • Order bonuses now fully works (only enabled on Beta server)

#525 (2009/11/17)

  • order upgrades can be purchased directly from player, not only from the order treasure
  • balance: Norman archer damage decreased
  • balance: walk delays moving through walls increased
  • balance: defense for units on walls increased
  • person is unable to send a message to a large amount of recipients (like 200 allies)
  • initial gold that is required to purchase an Order become part of Order treasure, so can be used for upgrade of Order's stats
  • menu updated for easier order and vassal system support at the same time
  • fixed inviting a vassal
  • Blackrock castle have a bit stronger defences
  • limit 5 troops auction lots per player
  • balance: armies more clever - when they do not see opponent they move 1 tile to random direction that gives chances to explore and respond the opponent
  • balance: armies more clever - when opponent army moves so your army does not reach them any longer, try to recount movement path
  • balance: hit points of pike man, swordsman, man-at-arms and royal guard increased

#519 (2009/11/12)

  • fixed timer display 00:00 when returning from city when exact 1 hour was calculated
  • winter comes to all villages!
  • new mercenary long range unit - Norman Archer
  • sort army auction lots by lowest price first (only true for lots with no bids)
  • order system (guilds, clans) implemented and enabled on Beta World for testing.

Difference from being an order member rather than being a vassal: a) only order owner can have vassals b) order members always listens to order owner and cannot override ally status within order Few features briefly: a) Allows chatting within an order b) You see who is active in your order c) You are able to improve the order and get different bonuses from it d) All order members are allies and have the same coat-of-arms (one that set by order owner) on map page e) Default purchase gives 3 places

#509 (2009/11/05)

  • decreased morale penalties when having multiple armies
  • added morale stat for units: ranger, pikeman, archer, marksman, horse archer and royal guard
  • fixed inflicting extra damage when same troops are from another city
  • fixed resources movement not available when player had gold but had no level 6 castle
  • fixed city grid in IE
  • fixed issue with lot re-publishing when selecting buy now and lacking gold

#501 (2009/11/03)

  • fixed cities sorting order in support tab
  • fixed population not being consumed correctly when buying armies on auction
  • fixed bad parsing unit amount input on attack screen and few other similar issues from previous version
  • sort armies on attack screen
  • added kills/loses and resources result information when enemy leaves your city
  • added morale modifying amount of troops that can hit during a shooting phase:

1. city defender get 15% morale boost 2. implemented hero leadership skill (previously was similar to defender skill) now gives bonuses to morale 3. the more armies you have the less morale you will have, so less units will shoot - stop players having 50 armies doing over damage

#494 (2009/10/30)

  • fixed issues with troops auction notification and ending when lacking gold
  • sort cities in support tab
  • fixed starting bid price for troops auction (should be exactly requested price)

#486 (2009/10/28)

  • show N,E,S,W help icons in the city tactical view near exits
  • fixed slow mailbox operations (now should be 4 times faster)
  • allow up to 10 strongboxes in a city, this does not affect balance anyhow
  • fixed issue when armies sees nothing in lord/vassal cities until moved when returned from 3rd city
  • now it is possible to click on campaign icon and center map on this location not searching for coordinates manually
  • fixed popping help window out-of-edges on small screen resolutions
  • tutorial should be always open by default
  • fixed message history panel with incorrect sender
  • allow movement of resource spots even if there is no level 6 castle and person has gold on account
  • fixed attacks to vassals not showing returning campaigns anymore
  • added possibility to speed up building construction by paying gold (10 gold / hour)
  • moved underpass panel into city control
  • added a troops auction (still in test mode) so players are able to place their troops and sell them to another player. Troops are removed from game if not sold during 20 days being on auction. After first bid is placed, the auction lasts 12 hours.
  • fixed case army can hit opponent even if he already exited the city
  • fixed contract cleanup when player is no longer active
  • fixed message history not working if replying
  • underpass bonus increased if this is underpass to another valley
  • fixed incorrect time calculation in some cases when exiting valley
  • units are now sorted by their attack rate per second per population used (so stronger are always last ones)
  • fixed problems with automatic robbing command near edges of the screen
  • fixed sending support off the city even when not selecting this option
  • fixed problems with blacklisting abuser via mail

#455 (2009/10/02)

  • fixed text overflow problem in gold account page
  • fixed incorrect maximal allowed orders showing with gold account
  • a city control panel was added, it is possible to switch on city fog (hide city on map) and throw out all support campaigns of other players from your city
  • fixed problem with tactic reports not saving (so not displaying)
  • modified in-game help link to lead to wiki instead to the site
  • fixed background colors (for killed troops and inflicted damage) now showing on tactics

#451 (2009/09/25)

  • fixed newbie pack giving incorrect amount of extra buildings to queue
  • new city exit design providing information about time needed to travel to city and ability to speed up the movement
  • fixed problems with going to vacation as well as the German translation of action offer reject causing client problems
  • added a link to the support center in-game
  • implemented gold account feature - automatic robbing - it is possible to configure the target while sending and campaign and it will automatically search for storehouse/strongbox, rob and try to return
  • fixed refreshes of hints panel triggered by first update
  • fixed newbie protection that was given for 1 week (while should be for 2 weeks)
  • fixed problems with cloned heroes causing heroes not getting the experience
  • ability to speed up a campaign even a bit more for 10 gold
  • fixed messed up join/split icons in tactics

#413 (2009/09/15)

  • fixed opening city buildings (and construction) when city grid is switched on (pressed on amber on top right corner of the city view)
  • fixed impossibility of mercenaries training introduced in build #411
  • fixed adventure huts giving less experience to heroes than showing to player
  • fixed well exploration event messages being sent to private instead of town mail folder
  • removed several bottlenecks so some parts like map and messaging should be faster now

#411 (2009/09/11)

  • updated messaging model, now there is no virtual context holder
  • fixed message history containing line breaks
  • new gold account feature - summary of campaign as a sum of resources used for killed and lost units
  • tactical logs a bit adjusted - now they can show up to 5 units at the same line
  • tactical view now shows 15 units at once to decrease scrolling
  • resources gathered from well exploration now have random modificators
  • fixed city population not freed when city is captured until server reboot
  • fixed inactive campaign hiding active campaigns for non-professional pack players
  • new account feature - have up to 100 (silver pack) or 200 (gold pack) messages storied in all types (previous limit was 50 for anyone and is left)
  • removed messages automatic cleanup by date even if message folder capacity still have empty slots

#406 (2009/08/27)

  • fixed incorrect incoming and outgoing city names rendering in help when mouse overing campaign
  • fixed speed calculation when exiting cities
  • send tactics reports when leaving a vassal city and there was a battle inside
  • fixed issues with robbing to multiple cities
  • fixed campaigns doubling in several cases, mostly diplomatic
  • adventure huts are more active
  • updated our framework to newer version
  • people with campaign history (silver professional account) will now see a date when they last visited the city on the map screen
  • new panel (gold professional account) showing attacks to lord / vassals
  • new option (gold professional account) to filter out inactive campaigns from default campaigns view (time to consider campaign inactive is configurable in settings)
  • new building - well - giving extra population to city. there is also an role-playing event about this building, stay tuned
  • when accepting trade order we no longer jump to the first page so person can continue exploring trade orders
  • translation update: ro

#401 (2009/08/17)

  • fixed sending campaigns from vassal cities
  • localization updates

#398 (2009/08/15)

  • when player with last city captured, war is ended (replaced by truce)
  • fixed war declaration
  • repair squads are now 6 times more effective
  • gates are now twice stronger than the walls and requires more resources
  • fixed adventure hut allowing exploration at any time (once per day is desired)
  • several panels (that are hidden by default) optimized to load only on open to decrease loads for advanced players
  • city siege rules change - now possible for cities that are marked by unused but player not yet removed from game

#394 (2009/08/13)

  • fixed exchange when no storehouse exists
  • fixed incorrect campaign color when sending attacks from vassal
  • fixed ranged army not attacking opponent when aggression does not allow it to move towards even if it can reach it while shooting
  • army maximal ai control delay increased to 15 minutes
  • added collectors that can collect resources and spend it to desired fields (efficiency depends on hero knowledge and/or prof account)
  • fixed merging multiple combat records
  • added combat log record count display when it is a merge result of several shots
  • usability button to send campaign in profile automatically selects the only city for player found in search
  • no diplomacy mail spamming - no sending similar offers while the old one is not expired
  • fixed transport capacity calculation in supply tab
  • city gates are 2 times weaker than walls and have limit of 5 per city
  • show building hitpoints when mouse over the health bar in overview
  • fixed attack castle when no war exists
  • extended ip detection, now more ip addresses are detected correctly
  • fixed diplomacy mail coming in incorrect language
  • added newbie pack professional subscription and refactored the old one - now it is provided as a single pack (silver or gold). all users of all services automatically merged to more powerful service
  • black castle had too strong defenders, balancing

#392 (2009/07/31)

  • server ident (beta,crusade,grail) will be prepended to sms notification
  • do not record campaigns to my cities as last campaigns
  • city gates (passable by all city defenders)

#384 (2009/07/31)

  • several critical exceptions in tactics fixed
  • darkshooter unit added to blackrock castle location
  • balance update: penalty vs royal guard = bad for horseman, knight, archers, horse archers. penalty vs pikeman = bad for horse archer. pikeman gets stronger.
  • merging combat logs when previous record was similar
  • adventure hut location units should try more ranged attacks

#374 (2009/07/28)

  • fixed tutorial when killing wolfs being far too strong
  • balance update: slaves are weaker now
  • translation update: lv,ro
  • tavern tab with armies show information from all cities

#371 (2009/07/23)

  • fixed dropping resources to vassal city
  • fixed multiple issues with Chrome and Safari browsers
  • translation update: ro,el,ja
  • added active battles panel showing in tactical screen