Builds 2008-2-Half

From 1100ad


Builds of Second Half of 2008

#212 (2008/12/15)

  • new: ability to cancel campaign if traveled not more than 15% of the path
  • new: redrawn wall images for all 3 levels
  • new: purchasing gold via SMS (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
  • new: screen shots web gallery
  • new: reset password feature (returning a password)
  • new: winter season
  • new: purchasing gold via WMZ payments (auto-converting to WME)
  • chg: trade reports now shows both cities (source and target) as affected
  • chg: enemy can be attacked via side bar of tactics screen
  • fix: heroes power overwhelming giving too high bonuses when lots of heroes in army
  • fix: no warning in resource exchange - just silent cut of resources
  • fix: some people unable to log in after password change
  • fix: tactical log is very cpu and traffic intensive, fully redone and now very fast even in graphical mode (enable in settings)
  • fix: usability problems in IE with AJAX queries on selections
  • fix: multi cell building occupying different population amount depending on the order how it was built
  • fix: usability problem with switching off an professional account
  • fix: unable to siege a castle with heroes from tavern
  • fix: walls blocking units even if they are not fully built (level 0)
  • fix: robbing is incorrect when robbing by several troops from different cities
  • fix: scouting skill sometimes not working (hero sees only 1 tile)
  • fix: no expiring players any more when server is running, since it takes too long and causes lasting lags once per day, scheduled on start

#200 (2008/11/23)

  • fix: Robbing and returning to another city does not give any resources at all
  • new: Now is possible to cancel troops training by the cost of 30% resources
  • fix: Many server balancing optimizations
  • fix: Demolishing walls taking ages when there is a repair squad there
  • new: Now is possible to select where to send troops when they are leaving a campaign
  • chg: Now person can not exit his city, using attack screen is the only method
  • chg: Now it is impossible to exit city when there are troops not on *exit points - the system will notify and cancel exit
  • new: New unit - ranger - weak archer analogue with high sight range
  • fix: When army can not move to selected target, a message is shown
  • fix: Lost training orders when migrating barracks from level 8 to 9 in some cases
  • new: Now it is possible to change the current valley via a combo box in a map screen
  • new: Units that are currently not technology available to be trained are still shown as a grayed troops
  • chg: Some design updates, most noticeably - Overview and Training tabs (yes, mouse wheel works)

and a lot of other tweaks and fixes

#187 (2008/11/07)

  • fix: Balance troops, bonuses against several troops
  • fix: Sort cities alphabetically
  • fix: Text combat report link in combat report mail
  • fix: Report abuse does not expire
  • fix: System memory usage updates and new web framework version
  • new: This forum launched
  • new: Page about gold coins with ability to pay gold for services (currently accepting PayPal and Webmoney)
  • new: Automatically split troops training orders depending on how much can be trained in building at the same time
  • new: RSS feed to fetch all messages (sample url:
  • fix: Game statistics cached
  • new: Resources tab in castle to see how the population is used
  • new: Simple allies implemented - like a friends list, overriding fighting help accept flag
  • fix: Robbing from several cities with incorrect amount
  • fix: City cell informational panel refresh on timer
  • fix: Fixed combat overdamage when hero has leadership but no defense skill
  • fix: Buildings not counted as taking population during system restart
  • fix: Combat when person with 500 armies (1 cart each) and small army is almost unable to die
  • fix: Few Chrome-browser related issues with resources updates disabling the whole buttons
  • fix: Bugfixes
  • fix: Overview and New Building tab redesigned

#175 (2008/10/10)

  • fix: Players top is pageable
  • new: Army returns to home position when see no enemy
  • new: Skill scouting implemented
  • new: Professional accounts implemented
  • new: Leaders top, Strongest army top
  • new: Visualize enemy troops as last enemy army when pressed
  • new: City cell popup window redesign
  • new: Detailed combat reports
  • fix: Capturing hero when taking control over city
  • fix: Server updates causing impossible to change army name/icon

#167 (2008/09/19)

  • fix: Redesign city attack screen
  • fix: Support translating time when the message was written
  • new: Attack building implementation and walls demolition using battle rams and catapults
  • fix: City image generation
  • fix: Skills logistics, pathfinding accepting only one hero instead of all
  • fix: Bugfixes

#166 (2008/09/05)

  • new: Improved units balance (attack/life)
  • new: Can set fixed squad on armies
  • new: Attack ranges added (melee, adaptive, ranged)
  • new: Commander profile page added (click on nick)
  • fix: Hero is revived only once per 10 minutes
  • fix: 2-weeks protection for newbie accounts
  • new: All troops now have persistent hitpoints (not just only in a single hit)
  • new: Player ability "city control" and library building
  • new: City siege - attack castle for 24 hours to win a city
  • new: Show country of a player on map view
  • new: Private messaging auto moderation
  • fix: Bugfixes