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While the game is developing, many changes to the functionality are made. From time to time snapshots of the current state is taken and the latest version being installed on the exact game world (server). This is called a build, identified by natural incrementing number.

Builds details

Builds of 2011

#1485 (2011/10/11)

New features:

  • New unit: Knight Hospitaller. Details
  • New location “Hospitallers Castle”, Build and/or invade new locations now!.
  • Status icons added to city condition panel.
  • You can activate artifacts from tactics now.


  • It is now possible to configure who is allowed/disallowed to pass via your fort.
  • Reputation penalty added for leaving an order. Details
  • You now need a minimum of -150 reputation to join an order.
  • Separate icon added for destroying a “noCommander” city with small rating.
  • you can get more detailed information if you are not able to send a campaign into/from closed area.
  • Army orders improvements and various fixes.
  • Your artificer is always the first hero in the army now.
  • PvE servers: War breaking act (Truce) will be accepted automatically within 24 hours. Details


  • Fixed an issue when sometimes you could lose your mercenary camp ID’s, when your ability to assign nicknames expired.
  • Livonia server: Fixed bug with maximum size of members in the order.
  • Some minor bugs fixed

#? (2011/09/19)

Build # is somewhere between #1417 - #1485

New features:

  • Map zoom added.
  • Now you can map your armies on hotkeys using Shift+ key combination and then use keyboard shortcuts 1-9 to quickly select them.


  • Experience bonus limit for exploring adventure hut locations added.
  • Army now saves its progress when moving the same direction with new order.
  • Castle: Heroes are now sorted by level.
  • Newbie tutorial tweaked.
  • Added half time of remaining silver subscription to gold subscription duration, when buying gold subscription with gold while already having a silver subscription.
  • Aragon: All the defenders, who had previously an “attack” type campaign sent to a location that they are currently defending - will now automatically switch their campaign type to “aid”.
  • Kingdom events: Buttons now may display error, if conditions are not met.
  • Forts now have different icons in player profile.
  • Added Nicknames panel with all given nicknames (available via Profile page).
  • Added hyperlink to player profiles in tactical log.
  • Added the option to set the range while using adaptive range setting (setting can be found in the settings page). Details
  • Aggressive grouping on massive battles added. Details
  • Attack screen: added troops capacity and total number of units.
  • Mercenary camps now leave your contour not only after restart, but 4h after fort is created.
  • Britannia server: Changed price for moving cities.
  • Healing skill boosted x4 times.


  • Fixed bug when it was possible to build mark tower on already occupied cell
  • Fixed bug when last page in combat log may not displayed
  • Fixed bug when a new player may appear in a contour of another player
  • Aragon server: Fixed bug when you were able to get the well event completed few times in a row

#1417 (2011/06/30)

New features:

  • You can now insert coordinates (in chat, personal messages and in your profile) as a hyperlink.
    • Current available formats allowed: [x,y,valley] or x|y(valley)
  • You can use nicknames as a hyperlinks in chat messages.
    • Current available formats allowed: [user=username1]
  • Silver and Gold account users can preview their contour borders (you need to switch to fort view then valley view)
  • You can now see how many times Citadel was held by the current Order.
  • It is now possible to select a person(s) from your Order that will be able to transfer artifacts from the Order treasury.


New contour system is implemented from scratch:

  • You can now put a mark tower if:
  1. Position of mark tower is not inside any contour
  2. You have a city inside a contour, where you want to build a mark tower
  3. You have a permission to make changes inside a contour from fort owner
  • You can now build a fort following these rules:
  1. Your water border is continuous and your mark tower locks it into a contour;
  2. You have at least 1 normal city inside;
  3. You have an ally relationship with fort’s owner, which exit is being closed by your contour, in case you connect your contour’s water with his.
  4. You have an ally relationship with the owner of some contour and the permission to build on his land, inside which area you are planning to build a fort and you are using his water.
  5. You have an ally relationship with the owners of all the contours blocking your way out and you are using their water.
  • You can transfer a city to a contour if you are allied with all the fort owners that stay in path from the current city place to the new city place in the target contour. This means you can transfer a city from an enemy contour without any restrictions.
  • Added morale penalty with the following rules: For each 10,000 units in one cell morale of all armies in this cell is reduced by 1%, but it will not go less than 25%. Details
  • Logs are activated again (when having more than 20 players), additional grouping method is added – during massive battles you will see only commander to commander damage, instead of army to army.
  • Diplomacy changes: Order diplomacy rules are now superior over your personal diplomatic relationships. Details


  • Fixed population recalculation bug on Aragon server, which appeared when you captured a city.
  • Fixed the fog of war bug, which caused improper fog update after destruction of a building.

#1384 (2011/05/12)

New features:

  • City artifacts storage: Accessible via castle. You can now store artifacts in storage rather than keeping them on heroes. Incoming artifacts are placed in city storage, instead of first hero (previous behavior).
  • Order artifacts storage: Accessible via order. Citadel artifacts are placed in order artifacts storage, upgrade your order skill to accept more artifacts.
  • New kingdom event: A new event in which you can complete to create a new adventurehut location, which is shared with same valley players.
  • Added referral program, you can now invite players. Your referral link is located at Profile -> Referral link. Details
  • Added translation for 4 new languages: Danish, Turkish, Indonesian, Vietnamese
  • Added new custom elements for personal coat-of-arms generation


  • Cities, where your troops are present, will be placed on top of cities list in attack screen.
  • You can now see coordinates of city you are about to exit to.
  • Limited Order size to a default 20 spots.
    • Exceptions: Beta World: 70 spots, Crusade World: 57, Holy Grail World: 73, Livonian World: 49, Bohemia World: 40, Aragon World: 48
  • Aragon: Added morale bonus for each hero for everyone as it is now for city owner (you don't need to send million campaigns anymore)
  • Additional bonus introduced for having fountain, which is calculated by formula: n * (k * 0.1 - 0.1), where n is amount of points fountain is giving for his current level, k is total number of fountains.
  • Combat reports: Added grouping of all combat reports, sent from same city.
    • Last page statistic is now calculated for all reports.
  • Increased number of free heroes: 1 to everyone, 2 for silver subscription, 4 for gold subscription, +1 per each city over 7th.
  • Added 10% penalty per single keeping of Citadel. Penalty applies to maximum available mercenary points to be spent on Citadel defenders.


  • Fixed problem with fort bypassing, while traveling into friendly city in another valley.

#1326 (20011/03/04)

New features:

  • Added "Earn gold" button in gold page, where you can earn gold for free


  • Citadel: Added ability to change agression and attack range of questCommander units (for Сitadel owners)
  • Mercenary camps are now skipped, if cycling via keyboard
  • You can now sell a leader hero via auction
  • You are now unable to send attack or aid with armies from friendly cities, which are not on exit points, if attackers are present in the city (including maradeurs)
  • Improoved fog of war calculation to reduce server load (report bugs please, with description how to reproduce)
  • You can now see combat log in "captured city" combat report mail.
  • If you kick someone from your city using "Send off" button, your ally will return to its city instead of the campaign origin if origin owner differs from campaign owner
  • When capturing a city - return all attackers from the city, who are not allied with new owner, to origin city instead of returning all troops to their home locations. Attacker will return to his closest city if he is not an owner of campaign origin.


  • Aragon: fixed fort capture time
  • Aragon: Players no longer receive logs from cities, which they already left
  • Fixed building animations after capturing a city

#1235 (2011/01/15)

New Features:

  • Added diamonds feature, adding 1 diamond per day instead of 1 gold.
    • Changed gold tutorial reward to diamond. Details
  • Added Hungarian translation (thanks to jos0405)

Changes and Bugs Fixes:

  • Fight AI changed: Now, if AI or you attack unreachable target, your army will try to reach the closest cell to enemy from which the army can shoot from.
  • Newbies are not able to transfer resources by diplomacy anymore.
  • Show only usual city in rating panel, skipping hidden cities.
  • Fixed an issue, when sometimes you are not able to rob NoCommander city.
  • Changed capturing new city process so that unique buildings are not removed anymore, if you had no such buildings (like obelisk). Applies on rally points for No-Tactic (Aragon) servers as well.
  • Fixed an issue, when you were not able to activate selected artifact from a purchased hero.
  • Fixed a bug, where after upgrading multi-cell buildings your building becomes auto-upgraded.
  • No-Tactic (Aragon): Fixed an issue, when your army may not be able to return to your city.
  • No-Tactic (Aragon): You are now able to explore a well.
    • To do so, click on the well, and if exploring is possible, it will have a tab named, "Explore". Beware though, this action is instantaneous unlike the other Tactic servers.
  • And of course, various fixes and performance improvements!