ekkor: 26 Aug 2021 [19:59]
frissítve: 23 Sep 2021 [14:23]
Norman Spearman|Norman Swordsman|Norman Cavalry/Gaelic knights

Normal City: 10000|7000|5000
Rare City: 15000|15000|15000
Prize City: 30000|30000|30000
Historical City: 20000|20000|20000
Lost City: 100000|70000|50000
Clan City: 100000|80000|70000

The city may have several types of flags at the same time and therefore several unit limits, for example:
Monument of warrior - normal city,
Prize city for Cross-Server contests - normal,historic,prize and rare city bonus;
Rare city - normal city and rare city,
Clan city - normal, historic, and clan city bonus.
All those different bonuses would be summed up.

The Player has 14 cities and Monument of Warrior, 12 of them are simple normal cities, clan city and one Cross-Server winner city.
Norman spearman amount would be calculated as follows:
Clan city - 100k (Clan city)+10k (normal city)+20k (historic)=130k,
each of 12 simple cities would give 10k - 12*10k=120k
Cross-server Winner city - 10k (normal city)+20k(historic)+30k (prize city)+15k (rare city)=75k
Total of norman spearmans hired by player=335k