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Halloween - is a holiday that goes back to the traditions of the ancient Celts. Despite the fact that the holiday is dedicated to the dead, this holiday brings smiles, parties, masquerades and the children full of joy from all the full bags of sweets! Team 1100AD congratulates all players on this pumpkin holiday and wishes you all happiness, cheerfulness and to never forget your ancestors!
Interesting: The name "Halloween" comes from the Scottish abbreviation of the English phrase "All-Hallows-Eve" - ​​"All Saints' Eve".

In honor of the holiday from 29.10.2020 to 12.11.2020 new items, contests, discounts and hot offers are waiting for you!


During the celebration, three soldiers will return to the game - ghost Vikings and witches from the Baitlin house. Two adorable sisters Mary and Kali are ready to serve their master and participate in all battles again! Charming warriors can be obtained for a mini game, purchased, or received as a gift. The sisters will serve until the end of December, after which they automatically will be removed. The exact time of the disappearance will be announced later.

A special dungeon can be found in the holiday tree. 9 levels of nightmare are waiting for their hero. Check how brave you are!

Some draft buildings have received additional levels of development: a clan castle, an improved temple, and some other draft buildings.

The holiday is about to come and it's time to get ready for the festival of the dead! To complete the task, you need to collect special artifacts that can be obtained for research in all temporary locations. Found artifacts must be inserted into the appropriate slots on the game field. When all parts are in place, the player receives the indicated reward. The list of rewards can be shuffled for gold.
In order not to miss the time when you can collect the last table, we introduced a special timer in the table itself!

For each player, statistics are kept on how many costumes have been collected. At the end of the holiday, the TOP 10 best players will receive a prize. You can see your place in the TOP statistics.

The Halloween Festival Mini Game also features a mid-server competition!
TOP-20 best players among all servers who score the most points in the mini-game will receive valuable prizes.

Taking into account the situation prevailing last time, we announce in advance that a special coefficient will be applied when identifying the winners for the mid-server.
The number of artifacts found by the player must be greater than the number of collected tables multiplied by 4
The use of this formula allows players who have really spent a lot of time and effort on collecting to get a worthy prize. At the same time, the players who took the easier path will remain outside the top.


Take part in the Match 3 Mini Game! Once in a while, free moves will be available to the player, and additional moves can be purchased for gold. Statistics are kept for each player, and at the end of the holidays, the TOP 10 best players from each server will receive individual prizes!
The rules of the game are very simple: You need to collect 3, 4 or 5 identical elements in a row or column. Depending on the number of collected items, the player gets points. Obstacles in the form of blocks that block elements will appear on the playing field. You can break the blocks by crossing two striped elements or two bombs, or break them with a hammer. The blocks can be very strong and once might not be enough to completely break the block.

Collect game points and get super prizes! The more games, the more valuable the prizes.

For each player and for each Order, statistics are kept on the number of points and at the end of the holidays the TOP-10 best players and the TOP-10 best Orders * will receive valuable prizes. Win different items for yourself and extra skill points for the order!

Players also have access to the TOP, in which the most effective Order will be determined among all participating Orders.

Additionally, we are announcing a mid-server competition!
The best 3 players from this TOP will receive special prizes, however, each player can receive only one prize in the following nominations:
- The best player in the mini-game;
- Pumpkin Master;
- The best collector of combinations;
- The best player in terms of efficiency;
- Gambit

After the main winners have been awarded, prizes will also be given to the 15 players who scored the most points in the mini-game, but who were not included in the previous tops.

Track game statistics, and win unique prizes!


One of the most cheerful holidays that has come to us in the past few years is approaching - Halloween. It is steeped in legends, superstitions and mysticism.
Many associate Halloween with mysterious rites, witches and their eerie potions. We invite you to participate in the collection of creepy Halloween ingredients and receive a valuable prize!

Now for the details!
In all temporary locations for research and for completing special quests, you can get a Simple Collectible Chest. You can also purchase a Premium Collectible Chest. It is important to know that simple collectible chests, unlike premium ones, cannot be transferred to another player.

You need to open chests in a special tab "Collection"
The chests contain 2 ingredients and a nice bonus in the form of gold, diamonds and other bonuses pleasant to the player's heart.
There are 5 levels of ingredients in total.
Collecting them, you complete a special album.

If you are missing some ingredients to complete the collection, you can create them.
To do this, you need to transform them into essence, through the menu. Do not be afraid to grind these creepy parts, once received, they will remain in the collection, only spare ingredients are subject to transformation!

Having received a valuable essence, go to the Collider section and start trying your luck: you can choose the level of the ingredient to be created, and also, by paying additional gold, increase the chance of a rarer item falling out.

Collecting herbs through the collider can still fail.

You can switch the type of ingredient you want to create, or try creating that level again.
If you need an ingredient that is definitely not in your collection yet, use the runes that can be found for exploring some locations.

Each level of the collection has its own rune. Be careful!

But remember: the number of runes you can use to create ingredients is limited to 10, so use them wisely to create the most needed.
If during creation, the creation was unsuccessful, then the rune, gold and essence will be spent, but the attempt will not be counted.


As we announced earlier, all temporary artifacts have been reworked.
In this regard, we are publishing a list of new artifacts and their new bonuses.
You can recycle old ones into new ones in the forge.
We really hope that reducing the types of artifacts will make the game much easier.

During the holidays, the in-game store will offer items at low prices, and the following discounts will also apply:
- 50% for the transfer of artifacts;
- 50% for the rejection of the city;
- 40% for the purchase of vassal points and points of location ownership;
- 40% for the construction of tunnels;
- 30% for the construction of all mercenary camps;
- 30% for the construction of the fort and walls in the valley;
- 30% on purchases of items in the store.
Throughout the celebration, players have the opportunity to exchange ancient coins for items through the store. The limit of attempts to exchange coins for chests has also been increased.
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