ekkor: 22 Mar 2014 [05:54]
The game has a fantastic means of communication, which unfortunately is being misused by players and conducted in an arrogant manner by moderators .
Constantly criticized , it does not entitle the debate. This chat could be used more productively with only two basic rules .
First : Only relevant to 1100AD issues could be handled ,
Second : Those who use name-calling directly or in disguised form , in the opinion of the moderator , will be silenced for 15 days . This penalty may be withheld if the victim agrees .
Let the debates happen . It is the fastest channel between player and game administration . If any question , the moderator put in an embarrassing situation , it is passed to the managers and they with the competence and knowledge of the game , will respond . Moderators are not required to answer all questions . Have fundamental importance at the time of operation as real channel of communication between the player and administrator. Ideas can be passed directly to the administrator, simply make a copy of what is written . I'm sure good ideas emerge and be debated until they reach administrators . A more democratic and conducted in a most friendly manner by the moderators that at times resemble armed dictators rule with total disregard to the right to freedom of expression and response chat . This causes a negative image . Image that can be immensely positive if facilitators act in favor of it without taking the blame for any matter or complaint and fulfilling the mission of being the connecting players / admistradores connection.
I thank those who make any comments .
ekkor: 08 Apr 2014 [13:35]
any similar debate regarding gambling is allowed, there are no rules for punishment, moderators poderar Elvar these debates directly to administrators. This deverar be relevant to the moment that everyone respect between the parties.
thank you for your placement, will be emcaminhado this moment! (:s11:)
ekkor: 24 Sep 2022 [05:16]
To change your Voice Chat among us settings, head into Options and select Sound. Next, scroll down to Voice Chat and you'll find settings
ekkor: 28 Sep 2022 [10:39]
Global chat is the most visible change shell shockers in Discord. It has been a long time coming, and it is now here. Global chat allows you to chat with anyone on Discord, anywhere in the world.