on: 25 Nov 2009 [16:43]
We are happy to announce new translation.

Translation rules are here.
Translation status is here.

Thanks for the work and we are awaiting to see more translations in-game!
on: 23 Dec 2009 [17:28]
Forum in Spanish. Only one moderator for four worlds? Insufficient: not?
Please at present the moderator cannot erase post and that generates multitude of repeated post and great undesirable others what makes the search of information difficult. Correct it please.
Thank you
I include it in this post since I am not allowed to open the new one.
Manor Park
on: 27 Jan 2010 [04:47]
on: 03 Feb 2010 [19:09]
1 mod is enough, maybe 2'd be better

but why more mods because of more servers
you don't need a mod a server, beside beta, all servers have same things
on: 01 Aug 2022 [06:18]
This is definitely a great article. Thank you so much for taking the time to poppy playtime detail all of this for all of us. It was a great guide!
on: 21 Aug 2023 [05:12]
¿Se puede cambiar el botón en la próxima actualización?
on: 24 Aug 2023 [11:47]
Try to learn Projeto Relo download. I think after a while you will find it useful.