on: 26 Oct 2023 [15:06]
updated: 27 Oct 2023 [12:52]
Halloween is a fun and festive day that is celebrated on October 31st.
This American holiday is inspired by ancient Celtic customs and mixed with Christian and American traditions.
On this day, people usually wear costumes, have parties, distribute sweets, and decorate their homes with pumpkins with carved faces.
called "Jack Lampert". Halloween is a time of fun, mysticism and sweets.

In honor of the holiday from 10/26/2023 to 11/16/2023 you will find new products, competitions, discounts and hot offers!

In all cities where there is a free sand or grass cell, a special, festive tree will appear.
Once every time, the Pumpkin Tree lights up and brings a gift to its owner.
Visit your pumpkin tree regularly and enjoy the gifts you find!
Among the gifts you can find - resources, artifacts, unique soldiers, gold and diamonds.

In the holiday tree you can find a special dungeon.
9 levels of nightmare await their hero. Check how brave you are!

During the celebration, three soldiers will return to the game - warrior monks and witches from the house of Beitlin.
Two charming sisters Mary and Kali are again ready to serve their master and participate in all battles!
Charming female warriors can be obtained through a mini-game, purchased through promotions, or received as a gift.
Sisters from the house will last until the end of December, after which they will be automatically removed.

Some drafting buildings have received additional levels of development: Clan Castle, Magdeburg Law Column,
Virgin Statue, pumpkin statues and a black cat in Baba Yaga’s hut.

The holiday is about to begin and it is time to get ready for the festival of the dead! To complete the task, you need to collect special artifacts that can be obtained for research in temporary locations.
Those artifacts must be inserted into suitable slots on the game field. When all parts are in their place, the player receives the indicated reward. The reward list can be shuffled for gold.

For each player, statistics are kept about how many costumes were collected. At the end of the holiday, the TOP 10 best players will receive a prize. You can see your place in the TOP statistics.

There is also a mid server competition in the Halloween Festival Mini-game!
TOP-25 best players among all servers that will score the most points in the mini-game will receive valuable prizes.

We remind you that in order to get into the top 25 you need to meet the following conditions:
When identifying cross-server winners, a special coefficient will be applied.
The number of artifacts found by the player must be greater than the number of tables collected multiplied by 6.
The use of this formula allows players who have really put a lot of effort into collecting to receive a worthy prize. At the same time, players who took the easier path remained outside the top.

Take a part in the “Match three” Mini-game! Once in a while, you will receive free moves, and additional moves can be purchased for gold. Statistics are maintained for each player and at the end of the holidays, the TOP 10 best players from each server will receive individual prizes!
The rules of the game are very simple: You need to assemble a row or column of 3, 4 or 5 identical elements. Depending on the number of items collected, the player gets points. Obstacles will appear on the playing field in the form of blocks that block elements. You can break the blocks by crossing two striped elements or two bombs, or you can break it with a hammer. The blocks can be strong and one time will not be enough to completely break the block.

Accumulate game points and get super prizes! The more games, the more valuable prizes.

For each player and for each Order, statistics are kept on the number of points collected and at the end of the holidays the TOP 10 best players and TOP 10 best Orders * will receive valuable prizes. Win different items for yourself and additional skill points for the order!

Players also have access to the TOP, in which the most effective Order will be determined among all participating Orders.

Additionally, we announce a mid-server contest!
The best 3 players from this TOP will receive special prizes, however each player can only get one prize in the nominations:
- The best player in the mini-game;
- Pumpkin Master;
- The best combination collector;
- The best player in efficiency;
- Gambit

After awarding the main winners, prizes will also be given to 25 players who scored the most points in the mini-game, but did not enter the previous tops.

Follow the statistics of the game, and win unique prizes!

One of the most cheerful holidays that has come to us in the past few years is approaching - Halloween. It is steeped in legends, superstitions and mysticism.
Many associate Halloween with mysterious rites, witches and their eerie potions. We invite you to participate in the collection of creepy Halloween ingredients and receive a valuable prize!

Now for the details!
In all temporary locations for research and for completing special quests, you can get a Simple Collectible Chest. You can also purchase a Premium Collectible Chest. It is important to know that simple collectible chests, unlike premium ones, cannot be transferred to another player.

You need to open chests in a special tab "Collection"
The chests contain 2 ingredients and a nice bonus in the form of gold, diamonds and other bonuses pleasant to the players heart.
There are 5 levels of ingredients in total.
Collecting them, you complete a special album.

If you are missing some ingredients to complete the collection, you can create them.
To do this, you need to transform them into essence, through the menu. Do not be afraid to grind these creepy parts, once received, they will remain in the collection, only spare ingredients are subject to transformation!

Having received a valuable essence, go to the Collider section and start trying your luck: you can choose the level of the ingredient to be created, and also, by paying additional gold, increase the chance of a rarer item falling out.

Collecting herbs through the collider can still fail.

You can switch the type of ingredient you want to create, or try creating that level again.
If you need an ingredient that is definitely not in your collection yet, use the runes that can be found for exploring some locations.

Each level of the collection has its own rune. Be careful!

But remember: the number of runes you can use to create ingredients is limited to 11, so use them wisely to create the most needed.
If during creation, the creation was unsuccessful, then the rune, gold and essence will be spent, but the attempt will not be counted.

You can also find the holiday lottery in the oak tree. There will be a window with 9 gifts in the holiday lottery, you need to open
3 of them. By total points you will receive - Bronze, Silver or Gold gift, which include -
resources, soldiers, buildings and other bonuses. In order to play the lottery you need a lottery ticket,
which can be purchased - for the purchase of gold or found in locations. One lottery game costs 1000 lottery tickets.
By playing the lottery, you can also get a special prize - a blueprint for new levels of the prize pumpkin statue.
To do this, you need to reach 100% in the progress bar.

We also announce a festive lottery among all purchases made in the period from 26.10. to 15.11 23:59.
The main prize on each server will be 1 bonus point + a 22k purchase and a special Bonus Location.

There are also many prizes of different value. Any participant will receive a guaranteed prize for participation.

Earrings and necklace of Queen Elfthryth and winter residence level
In the forge you can find new unique jewelry - Queen Elfthryth's rhodochrosite earrings and necklace
Ælfthryth (c. 945 – 1000 or 1001, also known as Alfrida or Elfthryth) was Queen of England from her marriage to King Edgar in 964 or 965 until Edgar's death in 975.
She was an important figure in the regency during the minority of her son, King Æthelred the Undecided, between 978 and 984.
Elfthryth was the first wife of an English king and is known to have been crowned and anointed queen. She had two sons by Edgar, Edmund's heir (who died young) and King Æthelred the Undecided.
Elfthryth was a powerful political figure and may have instigated the murder of her half-son, King Edward the Martyr, in order to place her son Æthelred on the throne. In many medieval historical sources, she is described as a stereotypical "bad queen" and evil stepmother.

Using this decoration will increase the level of the winter residence by +1 level.

For those who love research, we offer an exciting quest - Red Adventure

And for lovers of secrets and riddles we offer a quest - The Book of the Red Witch.
You can find notes in different places. By collecting which, the player will receive a bonus point and other valuable prizes.

Special promotion:
In honor of Halloween, a special promotion is being announced - purchases from 26.10-31.10 23:59 will give you a duplicate purchase pack for the next day! (this promotion does not include bonus locations).

1. The training period on the Hope server has ended and units have become more expensive.
2. The limit of bonus points in the Hope server has been increased by +1, as well as +50 to mercenary points.
3. We all move together to the new Meliora server!
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