on: 05 Jan 2023 [15:47]
updated: 05 Jan 2023 [20:54]
It was the usual dark evening in cold winter. Snowflakes danced in the air and slowly planed to the ground covering all in the white soft throw. Sitting near the fireplace and drinking hot lime blossom tea I remembered a story our old nanny used to remember in such days. It was about how her cousin Ignatius looked for a crystal snowflake as a gift for his beloved Elsa. Nanny used to repeat it exactly as her cousin told her.
Are you already curious? Then listen -
When I was a young and handsome man - yes, I was! - I wanted to make a Christmas surprise for my beautiful Elsa and gift her that precious crystal snowflake that she had seen a week ago in traveling merchant tent. But I need to finish work and get a salary to buy it. Unfortunately the merchant already left our village. I have no choice but need to find him. Villagers had not seen him, just a small boy told, that he had heard that the merchant planned to go for new items to sell to a place with a magnificent wilderness of high mountains, primeval forests, vast marshes, and beautiful lakes. I followed his trail and soon find that land, but the merchant left before my sight again. Old Sámi told me that merchant was interested in Inuit buildings and would like to see them and other wonderful snow creations. Searching for those buildings I come to the village which seemed already ready for the holidays - a festive mood was everywhere. I took a small break with tea, some cookies, and fruit. While enjoying my small feast very sad lady sat near me. I asked - what was wrong and she said, that no one going to help her to find in snow her husband who went to meet his friends from the last crusade. Of course, I can not leave her so sad and after seven hard miles, I found her husband at a mountain cabin with an injured leg and helped him to return home. He told me that I should try my luck in their small gift shop and maybe purchase something another snow related, just in case. Everyone needs plan B. Especially those who go for underground tunnels where he heard merchant was seen. I went here. The merchant had left already, but there was a kind - at least I think so - old miner, who told me, that merchant planned to prepare for some festive fireworks. Nope, he already left. I stand still, my sight just wandering around and on the sight of those legendary creatures I suddenly got my will strong again. Ok, I thought - he is a merchant, he definitely needs to enlarge his assortment of Christmas tree decorations, let go to the factory and ask again. the Factory guard told me that merchant was curious on the latest duel news and suggested checking there. Pity that I was late, he left, however, forgot some of the purchased bags. I won the contest and headed with those bags to the next village, where the merchant planned to go. The road lead me to the forest and suddenly I heard the fight, hurried here, and saw a hunter trying to deal with snow leopard. Together we won, and successfully reached the village, but then I blacked out. In the morning all that I can remember is the cold compress on my head and the whisper in my ear - all girls love flowers, even in winter. So I took also some cookies and hurried to my Elsa, but in the middle of my way tripped and a small spring opened up here and water whispered - rabbit will help you. I swear - really I heard - water whispered! And when I finally get to my house - those words also were true. I managed to make the most wonderful Christmas gift for my love.