on: 10 Nov 2022 [23:01]
Today at Tavern I met legendary hero Brian who tell me the story about his wonderful expedition searching for the legendary treasure chest. His story started at some old crypt, where he found a mysterious note. One thing led to another and soon he going to find a dancing hut in deep forests. Oh, how mysterious this place was! Then his path led to meeting brave defenders of valuable gems. Then he heard some rumors about disembodied spirits, definitely need to check! The next stop was a festive party for All the Saints Day - a lot of different fun games were played and even some luck was needed. Of course, the next day head was aching and was hard to remember all, but one thing he knows for sure - light can fight all fears away! So he went to check that abandoned dark underground prison full of spiders. But this was only the first dark thing to explore. The next one needed much more attention! After those hard battles were nice to discover that reward was promised for helping to deal with the dark forces. But there was no time for rest - time was announced for the next fights! After the fight old soothsayer told that if some rare ingredients would be sent to him, he would tell him where is the next note. So after some time and effort ingredients were found. The old man was so happy and tell the story of the only love of his life and advised that about next note knows lady Juodoji which absolutely adores all living creatures and loves to read about them. Brian paid him and went to find a needle in a haystack or something like that. Do not remember exactly - we are drinking the second bottle of rum already.