on: 13 Nov 2020 [11:25]
updated: 13 Nov 2020 [11:42]
Dear players!
We had a lot of fun on Halloween! But the month of November has prepared a surprise in the form of Black Friday - Friday the 13th!

In this regard, we decided to extend the assembling of the collection for a week until 19.11, but now Warlocks will also be on the hunt for ingredients, which will appear after your exploration. [br]
Top-10 players who will destroy the most Warlocks will receive valuable prizes.
We also have a special "Dark Mansion" event prepared for you dedicated to Friday the 13th!
In the meantime, while you shudder from the horror of the upcoming Friday and wonder what it will be like, we inform you that the administration is introducing special bonus points into the game, for which you can acquire a very valuable in-game property - the dark mansion of Vlad III Tepes himself, known as Count Dracula!
The mansion gives very nice bonuses:
Mercenary Points 2,722,550 units
Available ships 13,500
Additional storage of resources 570,000
Diamond mining speed 10 / hour
Gives an additional population of 1,406,700
Available vehicles 34,000

The Mansion itself has 15 levels of development, and at level 15 the bonuses are already much more serious
Mercenary Points 40,838,250 units
Available ships 202,500
Additional storage of 8,550,000 resources
Diamond mining speed 150 / hour
Gives an additional population of 21,100,500
Available vehicles 510,000
on: 13 Nov 2020 [15:15]
Честно как новичку, ничего не понятно., где что и почему. спс