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Ladies and gentlemen, knights and ladies, boys and girls!

I propose you to participate in the competition! As always, your participation, prizes from us.
Now a little bit more.
To participate in the competition you must
Understand the rules of forming armies for the competition and (if necessary) ask the facilitator a question about all obscure points.
Make a decision about your participation and inform your Magister of the order about it.
The Magister or his authorized person leaves an application for participation (this is necessary to calculate the objects necessary for the competition - please understand).
Wait for the start of the quest.

Manager of competition - ADSKAYA_ZABAVA
Competition Rules:

It is forbidden to use:
Citadel Units
Technique of any type

The order has five attempts to complete the task.An attempt is considered failed if the knight left the competitive object (by recording in the chat - player A left the chat) for any reason:
a) Killed by enemies
b) Killed by mobs
c) Dismissed the army
d) Just left the object.

Task can be performing by 3 knights (maximum). This means that at the same time only 3 knights can take part in the task. Knights on a mission can’t be changed.
If knights A, B, C have entered the mission, then only they can try to complete the task. Keep this in mind.
A single passage through the stages of the competition is not prohibited.
The prize is awarded only to the knight who made the seizure or other action that completed the task of the competition for the order.

If a knight dies (leaves the competitive object), he can come again, he can be replaced by another knight of the same order, but not earlier than after 10 minutes.

aut cum scuto, aut in scuto!
Bringing reinforcements during the battle is prohibited.
After the opponent is defeated, the winner can bring troops to reinforce forces within the mission limits.

Tasks are divided into stages. Each stage has its own requirement for the number and composition of armies.

The player who completed the task receives the property that he captured on the assignment.
At the end of the competition, each player who completed the task (i.e. made a capture or fulfilled another condition that led to the completion of the order task) receives:
personal development points
a hero with a unique intelligence skill of level 5;
which gives the army's vision - 6 cells, and with a pumped perks - 7! https://image.prntscr.com/image/RDgJG1eCQWWMnyAQ74h-Yg.png

Other knights of the order, who actively helped in the assignment, will also receive:
a hero with a unique intelligence skill of 4 ur, which gives the army’s vision 5 cells, and with a pumped perks - 6!

Also, all participants will receive a set of unique Dragon artifacts based on the number of tasks in which they directly participated.
It means that the player who participated in 3 tasks will receive 3 sets, and the players who completed the task will receive x3 for each task.

The order that completed the most stages will receive a special prize - order development points!

Registration on the forum until Wednesday 09/10/2019. inclusive
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Atlantis_Reborn [✅A✅] will participate in the contest Dragon Armor
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Due to the insufficient number of participants, the competition is canceled
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