on: 06 Sep 2019 [12:54]
Ladies and gentlemen, knights and ladies, boys and girls!

I invite you to participate in the competition! As always from you - participation, from us - prizes.
Now, a little more detail.
You need to participate in the competition
1.Accept the leader
2. Understand the rules for forming armies for the competition and (if necessary) ask the leader about all the incomprehensible moments.
3.Make a decision about your participation and report this to the Master of the Order.
4.The Master or the person authorized by him leaves a request for participation (this is necessary for counting the objects needed for the competition - please understand).
5. Wait for the quest to begin.


Rules of the competition:
It is forbidden to use:
1. Unique units of nations
2. Units of Citadel
3. Technique of any type

The Order has three attempts to complete the task.
A knight performs a task.
If a knight perishes, he can come again 2 more times (see above for three attempts) or he can be replaced by another. Thus, in the worst case (when three attempts are used), the order may involve three Knights of the Order.The prize in this case is awarded to the knight who completed the task.Simultaneous passage of tasks by 2 and more knights of one order is prohibited.
Bringing reinforcements during the battle is prohibited. aut cum scuto, aut in scuto!
After the opponent is defeated, the winner can bring troops to reinforce forces within the mission limit.

Each тasks has its demand for the number and composition of the armies.

For each completed task players receive, in addition to the objects themselves, which pass into the property of the player
1. gold
2. diamonds
3. a unique hero
4. points of skill

The order that fulfilled most of the stages - will receive special prize.

Dates - from September 12 till fulfill the last task of the competition.
on: 08 Sep 2019 [23:00]
Order RDO will participate!(:demolish:)(:attack:)(:s21:)
on: 12 Sep 2019 [10:54]
Not so long ago, the goddess Eris created atrocities in the expanses of Outremer, having stolen the Book of Peace, she brought chaos to the world. Through the efforts of the brave knights, it was possible to return the book to people and peace and quiet came. However, the goddess did not calm down and prepared a new trick.
She stole Dragon armor. Armor that gives incredible power to its owner.
Chain-mail, Gauntlets, Helmet and Dragon Sword - the power of these artifacts gathered together is unlimited.
To avoid falling into one hand, armor was hidden in different parts of the world. However, Eris would not have been Eris if she had not been able to get them by her cunning.
Hundreds of brave treasure seekers rushed into the domain of the goddess to take possession of them, in a desperate attempt to take over everything or try to grab at least a piece.
But no less dangerous will be the journey of other knights who decide to end the kingdom of Eris and capture its capital - TARTAR! This city nourishes the goddess with its walls, giving it strength and influence on ordinary people and ruthless mercenaries.

Now the choice is yours!
Think everything is so simple?
The game begins!

To make it more interesting I’ll talk about prizes
1. Captured objects, including unique ones, remain with the players.
2. Artifacts obtained during the competition - remain with the players
3. The heroine Eris. The owner of the unique gift of seeing 2 steps further than the mere mortal, gold, diamonds, personal development points will go to every knight who completed the task

Goddess is strong with her charms sow discord and chaos even between friends. Therefore:
1. Players perform task on its own (no one help him).
2. There are 3 attempts to complete the assignment. They can be performed by the player himself or 2nd and 3rd attempt can be transfer to the authorized knights of your order
3. If the Order can not capture any of the mercenary camps for this assignment, they are waiting for the appearance of a bridge that will give them access to the second task.
4. The bridge appears after the task is completed.
5. If a player of Order B enters the mercenary camp, which captures by Order A, then the person who leaves the camp automatically recognizes as killed. In this case, if there was no battle between the players, then the order of the player who left the location receives - (minus) 1 point. And if the order will capture a different location and get a point, it will be automatically canceled.
6. You can bring reinforcements, but keep in mind that in total you in the location can not exceed established limit.
7. The player who fell during the battle has the right to enter the location (this or any other on the task) not earlier than in 10 minutes. The same rule applies also in the event that instead of the fallen player is his order knight.
8. If order will violate rules it will:
a) the first non-serious violation - a warning
b) second non-serious violation - minus 1 point of the task
c) third non-serious violation - exclusion of the order from the competition
d) the first serious violation - minus 1 point of the task
e) the second serious violation is the exclusion of the order from the competition

Non-serious violations
Arrival into location for the task with violation of the limits or the composition of the units, but corrected at the entrance. For example, sending back or killing surplus units. If the violation did not lead to a military advantage.
Time violation between attempts. If the violation did not lead to a military advantage. For example, if there was no player in the location, or the player managed to bring reinforcements after the previous battle.

Serious violations
Ignoring the rules for a single task. Simultaneous execution of the task by 2 or more players of the same order
Time violation between attempts. For example catching the reinforcement drive of the "wounded" player.
Avoiding battles between "allies" in case of meetings in task locations.
Inactivity. For example, not joining the fight for the location, but simply waiting for the appearance of the bridge.
Ignoring the established limits that led to the draining of players from other teams.

For serious violations the punishment for players will be at the discretion of the administration.

1. For capturing objects, you must have free MP, PP or PCP.
2. For robbery, you need at least 1 hero with the "Robbery" skill, which will be the main one in the army. Ideally 3 masters of robbery must have, otherwise the Book of Peace will not return you
3. A task is considered fulfilled if the order has captured any object on the task. Standing - without capture is not considered.
4. After completing the task, it is forbidden to visit other objects, even if there are still neutral.
5. If you came to the object on the task "capture", without having the necessary points, then you can leave the location only with loss of attempt.
6. To compete the task you have 36 hours since the publication of the task on the forum (keep in mind that the time on the forum is indicated by Riga, and not by the server).

Attention some features of the task through the city siege
1. One order may besiege all objects, so that in case of failure of one attempt, do not waste time on the siege.
2. Also objects can be siege by those knights who can perform the task after the death of the main participant.
3. The siege is carried out by the same rules as the capture. If you were killed in a siege - this is a minus one attempt.
4. After a siege, the player may leave the object while waiting.
on: 12 Sep 2019 [18:07]
First Task

The power of the goddess Eris has no limit, but still she has to resort to the services of mortals. Mercenaries for gold faithfully serve her. Intercept the control over the camps of Eris mercenaries, thereby impotent protection of its possessions.

Stage 1st - the limit of units participating in the task is not more than 100 000, including heroes.
on: 14 Sep 2019 [06:04]
Second Task
After the fall of the last camp, the courageous seekers saw a bridge protected by the mercenaries of Eris. They bravely moved on it deep into the realm of Chaos. Before them opened a valley filled with villages. The inhabitants worked regularly in the fields, supplying food to their goddess. It is necessary to correct it. Intercept the control of the villages!

Stage 2nd - the limit of units participating in the task is not more than 100 000, including heroes. Armies must have only units with an attack distance 0 (zero). It is allowed to use artifacts increasing attack to +1
on: 15 Sep 2019 [16:00]
Third task
After the liberation of the villages, the brave knights again moved deep into the lands of Eris. Diamond mines! A rare location that gives diamonds to its owner. It is necessary to take them from Eris. But it was already clear to the knights that not everyone would get the mines.

The task - to capture 2 locations - the order receives 3 points
For one location 1 point will be given.
The task will be considered completed even when capturing 1 location.

Due to the increase in objects - the number of attempts to complete the task increases to 4x.

Stage 3 - a limit is set for the units participating in the task no more than 100,000, including heroes. All units must be only per population .
on: 17 Sep 2019 [07:00]
updated: 17 Sep 2019 [07:07]
Task Four
Brave seekers continued their journey. Before their eyes appeared the Gardens of Eris. The once majestic cities with their buildings served the goddess of Chaos enhancing her power. Some cities contain rare and mysterious artifacts, but woe to those who encroach on stealing them ....
Undoubtedly these cities are worth owning and returning their power to their control.

P.S. The player who robbed the city and received the light in the chat is considered dead automatically.

But remember that when you capture 75% of the artifacts of the treasury disappears.
What do you choose?

Stage 4 - a limit is set for the units participating in the task no more than 100,000, including heroes. All units must be with an attack radius of 3x or higher. The use of artifacts that increase the radius of attack is allowed.

Robbery of artifacts is considered attempts. Those. If a player decided to try his luck and stood on the robbery and did not pull out anything that would lead to a flash in the chat, then he continues the robbery without losing the attempt.
If a player pulled out several valuable artifacts for 1 robbery (for example, a chest, decree, and tanzanite), then this is considered one attempt, because has one robbery time.

The number of attempts for this stage is 7

1. Forbidden located immediately in 2 cities
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