on: 24 Aug 2018 [01:45]
updated: 24 Aug 2018 [01:54]

Dear players!
We are pleased to announce our new research competition "Treasure hunter"!
Send five investigated logs of time locations in which you found gold coins and get a guaranteed prize!

And now the conditions of competition:
- Logs are accepted only from temporary locations.
- In the report you can specify not less than 5 logs with compulsory research.
- Temporary locations located inside the contour are not accepted!
- Location "secret treasure" will not be considered.
- All battle logs have to be in the above mentioned contest period of time.
- In order to preserve you logs copy them to your computer.
- Attentively check your report before sending!
- Any fraud with logs will lead to disqualification
- Sart of the contest: 24.08.2018 , 00-00 hours (server time). Finish 28.08.2018 , 23-59 hours (server time).
- Each player can send only one report, reception will be ended 29.08.2018 , 10-00 hours (server time).

Attention combat logs are accepted only in the form of report! To draw up your report, click on the picture:


On each server Three players who will find gold coins more than anyone else will receive a super prize!
3000 gold, 2500 diamonds, % to the library + heroes skills + set of artefacts, resources, unical units.

Forward brave knights and beautiful ladies and not a step back!

Good luck and have fun on exploring locations!
on: 30 Aug 2018 [11:56]
updated: 30 Aug 2018 [12:15]
Congratulations to the winners of the contest: Treasure hunter! (:s22:)

Reporting table(:s30:)

Unification of Aragon (:s22:)
Super prize: OlgaSh2 (90), frakiez (75), sammmy_vulpea (75)

New Beta (:s22:)
Super prize: zumm (100), JVH (95), 1986hohol (75), Daigucis1 (75), SIZIF6 (75)
Prize: _Pauk_ (55)

Kingdom of Bohemia (:s22:)
Super prize: rog2 (75), archer17 (75)

El Dorado (:s22:)
Super prize: AlexKronin (215), VoTT (165), Wowa28 (150)
Prize: garik1969 (75), sibiryak888 (50)
Adler01 (0)

Eurasia (:s22:)
Super prize: cindarella (95), Daigucis123 (90), burbon21 (90)
Prize: rodos1985 (75), Pepino075 (30)

Holy Grail Search (:s22:)
Super prize: driver1973 (250), rodolfo1001 (230), Jejuni (160)
Prize: ternipe (55)

Islagrande (:s22:)
Super prize: alleksan77 (145), Ludmila1 (110)

Livonian Order (:s22:)
Super prize: Sandis210278 (250)
Sirmis_tomats (0), gobixd (0)

Midgard (:s22:)
Super prize: alex1662 (180), Serg2662 (75), DURR (135)
Prize: kalex61 (90)

Nanban (:s22:)
Super prize: medvitaly (75), backans88 (75)

Outremer (:s22:)
Super prize: PERRI (215), Sin_Ahhe_Rib (90), daron98 (60)
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