on: 01 May 2018 [19:28]
updated: 01 May 2018 [19:28]

This contest is held only after the announcement (Closely follow the announcements in the chat rooms of the game
The contest "Gold Rush" is held a specially appointed staff.

1.1. Entrance to the location should be not earlier than indicated time server.
1.2. The duration of the contest - the leading states in the text of the announcement of the competition.
1.3. Each participant must provide log of exploration in the chat where the contest is held.
- Only one battle log will be accepted, in which will be available time of arrival in location and exploring time.

1.4. Determination of winners:
The winners are:
- The first 3 players who find gold in location
Example screenshot:

- 1 player, who was the first to find gold coins
Example screenshot:

- 1 player, who first finds silver coins
- 1 player, who first finds of bronze coins

- In the log is verified and fixed end time of exploration.

- All the logs in which time of entry into the location earlier than time of advertisement - are not accepted!
Example: Start of competition 9:00 am server time, while in the Player log time of enter 8:46

1.5. After announcement of the winners in global chat, the contest is considered to be closed. Logs and screenshots are not accepted anymore.
1.6. When 5 winners of the conquest are defined the contest is completed ahead of schedule.
1.7. Each winner receives a prize.

2. Prizes (:s22:)
2.1. Each winner of the competition receives a prize (the prize may vary):
Gold + Diamond + resources + set of artifacts + tokens + unique units
2.2. Prizes to winners of competitions are given out within 3 working days.