on: 06 Nov 2017 [22:03]
updated: 07 Nov 2017 [13:13]

(:s33:)Listen! Listen! And do not say later that you have not heard!
To all fans of Mysticism and Fun and also all who want to experiment in Creation of Recipes for production of artifacts we suggest to participate in the fascinating Competition "Kraft's Workshop".

With this competition, we open "Kraft's workshop".
here each player will be able to prove as the medieval alchemist and to enter the recipe in "The book of 1100 recipes".

In this contest, you need not only imagination, but also knowledge of the names of game artifacts.

Nomination 1
Think up the recipe by means of which it is possible to create an artifact which exists in a game. (Temporary artifacts, Constant artifacts, Unique artifacts, Drawings).
In order not to accidentally create the recipe which is available in a smith check the list which already there is.

Nomination 2
Think up the recipe resulting in a new artifact.
Be sure to indicate what action occurs or what affects the use of a new artifact and also in what situations it can be used.

An example of registration of the recipe, you can see in the contest "Halloween Cuisine": (:s30:)
либо создать в графическом редакторе:

Do not limit your imagination to the example provided and create your own unique and unique recipe!
The most original recipes will be used for forge!

Conditions of the competition:

Attention! When creating recipes, you can only use artifacts that are actually existing in the game and available in all game locations.
All recipes must be feasible and real for their collection and crafting.
It is possible to participate in two nominations.
In your recipe you can use pictures.
Do not copy the recipes of other players.
You can send only one message, which lists several recipes.

Report sample:
Your players nickname
Nomination 1
First Recipe: Name
Description of the recipe.
Nomination 2
Second Recipe: Name
Description of the recipe.

The beginning of the contest 06.11.2017, 00-01 hours for server time, the end of the contest on December 01, 2017, 23-59 hours for server time.

After the end of the contest, all players will be able to vote for the best recipe. The top five recipes will receive a "People's Choice Award".

To determine the winners of the contest, all the recipes will be evaluated by the administration of the game.
Criteria of definition of winners::
- Selection of artifacts
- Description of preparation
- Characteristics of the new artifact created with the help of the recipe
- Possibility of its creation
- Decor
- Originality of your work

Prizes from administration:
First place:
Prize: 2500 gold, 1500 diamonds, set of artifacts "Alchemist of I Rank", resources, unique units.

Second place:
Prize: 2000 gold, 1000 diamonds, set of artifacts "Alchemist of II Rank", resources, unique units.

Third place:
Prize: 1500 gold, 750 diamonds, set of artifacts "Alchemist of III Rank", resources, unique units.

Fourth place:
Prize: 1000 gold, 500 diamonds, set of artifacts "Alchemist of IV Rank", resources, unique units.

Fifth place:
Prize: 500 gold, 250 diamonds, set of artifacts "Alchemist of V Rank", resources, unique units.


“People's Choice Award”:
Set of artifacts Infernal cook + resources

All participants will receive incentive prizes.