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Once upon a long time ago, that only old-timers of the server Outremer can remember about this, there was a legend about treasures. Then the young knights first felt the taste of victory and felt adrenaline in the pursuit of the treasures ....
Time went .. the past were forgotten, but in vain ...
The lands of the Outremer stretched from the very source of the Roman Empire, to the lands of Ancient Greece, Majestic Byzantium, mysterious Egypt and up to Jerusalem itself. Many Empires saw heyday and fall on these lands, many kings with their treasuries, many cities with their influence and secrets ....
All this is here in the Outremer Land. You just need to find and seize ....

Conditions of the competition.
In the contest there are 7 cities with bonuses for both population and mercenary points 10,000
But not everything is so simple:
1. To capture the city, it is necessary to have 1 city possession point
2. The city is hidden from the eyes and its coordinates are the answer to the enigma set on the forum. If you guessed right, go ahead.
3. The city is guarded by mobs until it is captured.
The city is both historical and lost, not subject to closure in the contour or transfer. Also it can not be obscured by fog.
4. In the treasury are some valuable artifacts.

On forum you will find enigma, deciding which player receives the coordinates of the hidden city. Further he can:
1. To come to the city. The prize for the finding city is 500 gold and 100 diamonds. The first 10 visitors to the city receive the prize. (Issued after the end of the competition) The army in the city must not be bigger than 10000 units and 3 heroes
2. Rob the treasury of the city. Prize - all looted artifacts + a set of marauders (issued after the end of the competition)
3. Capture the city. Prize - actually the city itself with its buildings and bonuses, part of the artifacts left in the treasure + 5000 gold + set of invaders (issued after the end of the competition)
4. The Order that has captured most of the cities receives a point to the order skill on your choice. If the number of cities for two orders is the same, a point will be given to both orders, if three orders will have the same number of captured cities - a point will not be given to any of the orders. (Issued after the end of the competition)

1. Limit on the number of units - no more than 50,000 units + heroes.
2. Players in the army should not be present: unique units of nations, unique units of citadels, mechanisms of any type
3. At the same time in the city can be present no more than 3 knights of one order. If the number of knights exceeds this number, the order will be disqualified from the task and prizes for it will be canceled.
4. A knight who died in the city can not return there and misses this task. The knight is deemed to be dead if the report (log) contains fallen armies, including heroes *.
* The heroes in the log should be greater than 1.
5. The hidden city will exist only 72 hours. If the city is NOT captured, and there is no seizure, the city disappears and the mission is considered to be failed.
6. The player who captured the city can no longer seize the rest, but can receive a prize for the find or for robbing the treasuries of other cities.
7. Tasks appear on the forum once a day.

In connection with the arising questions, explanations are made.
Situation 1
Order A is on the seizure. And the Order of B enters the city. And city is closed. After the showdown - I give the winner a takeover if the time after the city closes does not exceed 15 minutes.
Situation 2
The Order A and Order B came to the city, the city was closed, but no one has put seizure. I give time to find out who is steeper, but you can not put seizure.
Situation 3
On the seizure Order A, Order C and Order B enter the city. The city is closed.
A) Order B and C took the fight among themselves, then the seizure of the Order A continues if situation 1 will not appear
B) if the Order A and B take the fight, and the Order C stands aside. The winner stands up for the capture if the time after closing does not exceed 15 minutes. Order C leaves the city.
C) if the Order A is clamped from 2 sides by Orders B and C, then no one will be allowed to start seizure (by Orders B and C). They leave the city. Order A can continue to capture if it has withstood the attack

The contest starts on May 15. Follow the thread on the forum
on: 15 May 2017 [17:51]
Task 1
It all started with an old book, which, falling from hands, fell apart into sheets. Collecting an old folio - it was a file of old maps. They were so old that it was worth taking one of them in hand, as the map crumbled to pieces. Much work I had to collect pieces together ...
on: 16 May 2017 [18:31]
Task 2
Why the treasure is not yet mined, I thought, holding in my hands the next piece of the map ... Probably the pirates were not friends with mathematics

on: 17 May 2017 [19:59]
Task 3
I got a note in my hand. A few lines from a famous work, but something was wrong with it ....
on: 18 May 2017 [09:57]
Task 4
On the next sheet, the coordinates of some object were explicitly encrypted, and even part of the key, but could I use the hint?
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