on: 17 Oct 2016 [16:20]
updated: 17 Oct 2016 [16:44]

It took a long time after 2 contest, new players appeared in the game and old players got a new experience. Now it's time to re-flash by your combat skills! Try to beat your old enemies, the best mates and other friends in a fair fight, and prove that only you - God of war!

Rules for participants:
1. A player leaves on forum application for participation in the Server section, in which he wants to participate. You must specify your nickname, convenient time for fights, abbreviation of your order on this server (if you are a knight or an academician of the Order). For example: Fanis1971, 8.00-11.00 and/or 17.00-22.00 (server time), LOA Order. One player can participate on all servers.
2. If sufficient number of applications (16 times) will appear on server, the players who have submitted applications enter the tournament list
3. Players are formed into groups in order of applications filed (on the forum) to register for the competition and given the diplomatic relations between the players.
4. As soon as schedule made players will have 2-3 days for the moral and physical preparation. At this time battle spots will be installed.
5. If at the scheduled time the player does not join the battle with another player, without prior notice to the organizer and obtaining consent to transfer battle to another time, that player consider as loser and the opponent goes to the next round.
6. 2 judges and administration supervise championship. All questions will be resolved by competition organizers on forum. Administration will not respond to questions.
7. In case the organizer decides that the fight was "merged" both players who took part in this competition will be disqualified from the competition. The judge's decision can’t be challenged.
The battle is considered "merged":
a) if one of the players had an army 20% lower power than stated in the contest rules.
b) if the player will not have shaped formation as well as aggression and combat distance set for fight. Such player is not dedicated to win the battle.
c) If player during the battle disband (not less than 10% of the total number of the army units) of his troops.
8. The meeting place for players duel:
- Mark Tower of organizer, set directly in a few minutes before the start of the battle.
(This is because based on past competition experience many players were scouting competition locations to know landscape. At this time this will not happen).
a) Player's army for the battle competition can not exceed 30,000 population points and 50,000 Mercenaries points
b) Units which not required population or Mercenaries points are prohibited in armies of participants.
c) Maximum number of heros - 30.
g) Next units are prohibited in the armies of participants: carts and looters. Number of scouts is limited to 1 unit.
d) The number of armies is restricted to 10.

Prizes: (:s22:)
1st place: 1 MCP (mercenaries camp point) on the server where are restrictions, or 3 MCP where there are no restrictions, 5,000 gold, 3,000 diamonds, 30 Grandmaster skills, large collection of artifacts, resources, unique units
2nd place: 4000 gold, 2000 diamonds, 24 Grandmaster skills, a large collection of artifacts, resources, unique units
3rd place: 3000 gold, 1000 diamonds, 18 Grandmaster skills, a large collection of artifacts, resources, unique units

Incentive prizes for all participants!
The incentive prize (for all players who will reach to the 2nd round): 1000 gold, 1000 diamonds, 12 Grandmaster skills, a large collection of artifacts, resources
Consolation prize (for all players who will not able to reach the 2nd round): 500 gold, 500 diamonds, the collection of artifacts, resources

Recruitment of participants
Submission of applications for participation will be closed 20/10/2016 21.00 server time

Warning: All messages unrelated to the event will be condsidered as flood and deleted!

Application for participate leave in competition forum topic:
Your nickname, convenient time for fighting, the abbreviation of your order on this server (if you are a knight or an academician of the Order). For example: Fanis1971, 8.00-11.00 or 17 00-22 00 (server time), LOA Order.