on: 27 Feb 2016 [10:14]
I want to share with you the tables where I have streamlined information on the artifacts:
Note the first line, there's a filter that allows you to select the desired position, hiding unnecessary information.
The first sheet "artifacts for soldiers" is dedicated to information about the artifacts that give the effects for soldiers, and time permanent.
The first column on this page will allow you to select the desired artifact and see the ingredients needed to create that effect, which gives the artefact and the soldiers, which will suit this effect.
The fifth column allows you to choose a certain kind of soldiers and to see the list of artifacts that will give effects for him (don't forget in addition to the names of soldiers to select the item "all").
The second sheet "Unique artifacts, skill " contains in a convenient form information about these artifacts, or rather about the ingredients necessary for their manufacture.
The third sheet "People and mercenary points" contains information where in the game you can get the population and mercenary points. The emphasis is on buildings which are available to buy for diamonds.
on: 27 Feb 2016 [10:15]