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on: 01 Oct 2015 [22:10]
updated: 11 Oct 2023 [04:25]
Dear Knights and Lady!
We invite you to take part in the daily contests for the time “Researcher of temporary locations” in the World 1100AD

1. Every day, on game servers, contests "RESEARCH OF TEMPORARY LOCATIONS" are held

2. The competition is held no more than 4 (Four) times a day:

Rules for submitting the report for the 1,2,3,4 contests
First contest - from 00:00 to 03:00 server time
Second contest - from 6-00 to 9-00 server time
Third contest - from 12-00 to 15-00 server time
Fourth contest - from 18-00 to 21-00 server time

To go to the contest page, click on the pencil drawing.

- In the “Report: Отчет:” window, you can send only one report:
1. Indicate your exact game nickname.
2. Copy only one link of the battle log.
3. Click on the "Send" button.

On the "Reports" tab, you can see all the logs of the current contest that players send.

On the "Winners" tab, you can see the Winners in the contest.

On the "ALL_Reports" tab, you can see all reports for the current contest week.

An alternative way to send a report is:
- Also, you can send your report if you click the link below:
Create a report "Research of Temporary Locations"
- You can see the results of the contests in the Winners' Table.
Statistics of the competition "Researcher of temporary locations"

In the competition we accept logs of research only from temporary locations!
The location of "Secret Treasures" is not a location for the competition, therefore logos are not accepted from it!

- Carefully lpost the logs (the link to the log should be complete). Make sure your log is open.
- The time to enter the location, its research and the time of sending the report (log with the research) must be in the interval of the specified time (server time)
- In each competition, you can send only one report.

3. Each contestant can receive a prize only once a day!
- Winners of the first competition can not become winners of the 2,3 and 4 competition;
- winners of the first and second competition can not become the winners of the 3 and 4 competition.
- winners of the first, second and third competitions can not become the winners of the fourth competition.

4. If a contestant refuses to perform or deliberately violates the terms of the Contest, in such a case the player will be disqualified for the time determined by the game administration.

5. Definition of winners:
- The winners of the contest are - The first 10 (ten) players who are the first to research the temporary location.(From 04.20.2020)
- Aragon server, The winners of the contest are - The first 5 (five) players who are the first to research the temporary location.
- In the log is checked and fixed End time of research.

Attention! There are breaks in the competitions. About this contest’s leaders or helpers will announce in chat rooms of servers.

Prizes. (:s22:)
Each winner of the competition receives a prize (the prize kit may vary):
gold, diamonds + resources + set of artifacts + tokens + unique units
Prizes for winners of competitions are issued within 3 business days.

Attention! Messages that are not related to the theme of contests will be considered a flood and removed!
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on: 18 Nov 2018 [03:05]
on: 03 Feb 2019 [20:15]
updated: 06 Feb 2019 [16:21]
today I explore location and send a report for the second contest, But Im not in the Winers??? This is my report: https://koryo.1100ad.com/logger/LOG/d5956e06bdc30c6bbe0055114b898846/wicket:pageMapName/wicket-2 can you explain me why Im dont be take a price!?

On February 3 you are the winner and you got the prize.
on: 19 Apr 2020 [14:17]
updated: 19 Apr 2020 [14:25]
Dear players!
- From 04.20.2020 in daily research competitions, the number of winners will be increased to 10 players.
- Aragon server has 5 winners.

Good luck and have fun on exploring locations!(:s24:)
on: 12 Jan 2023 [13:51]
updated: 12 Jan 2023 [13:55]
(:s33:)Attention! Since 1.10.2023
New locations for exploration have been added to daily contests:
Halloween Dungeon, Dresden Frauenkirche, Baba Yaga Hut, Dwarf Rock, Gold Tree, Atlantis
on: 03 Jul 2023 [01:54]
updated: 03 Jul 2023 [01:55]
(:s33:)Attention! Since 3.07.2023
New location for exploration have been added to daily contests:
Old Orchard
on: 21 May 2024 [12:41]
updated: 21 May 2024 [12:42]
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