on: 08 Jul 2014 [01:00]
This should no happen, devs with all respect again do "mistake" with prize for 1 st place coins. I not agree for coins 1st place city points. I sure most people thinking like I. Enough "mistake" from devs for phoenix members. I wanna You back this ridiculous prize.
on: 08 Jul 2014 [03:37]
updated: 08 Jul 2014 [03:39]
(:s6:)same old crap on this game. (:s27:)(:s16:)time to stop this game. tired of donating to a lost cause. "mistakes" from devs always happen to fuck me and my group. have a good one(:s5:)i am done with this game.
on: 08 Jul 2014 [04:04]
agree 100% with You Christian, i done also with this "fair" game . Worse i sure 100% this 2 from Bohemia be informed about prize (:s6:). Not first time devs do something like that. I should be done lot time ago after all "mistake" devs
on: 09 Jul 2014 [03:18]
First and foremost: Boster and Darekka, you nailed it on the head. The amount of mistakes that consistently happen toward seemingly everyone but PHO and CNA is absurd.

Here is a prime example:
75|87(36) in Bohemia -- 38 hour head starts are hardly fair. By the time we knew about this, CNA had their stuff half constructed. Entirely infeasible unless given a certain amount of head start.

We are being cheated out of opportunities left right and center.
on: 10 Jul 2014 [02:03]
Quote lordcran22:
The amount of mistakes that consistently happen toward seemingly everyone but PHO and CNA is absurd

"mistakes" devs for Phoenix and Spartak is lot and more (:s8:) here for now only 2 but this is now not even 1% (:s8:) But like we see only us 3 people something wrote here then probably others accept this "mistakes" for Phoenix and Spartak (:s31:) Then good luck guys invest more and look only how Yours enemies rise (:s8:) thanks "mistakes" And like say me 1 my enemy " You nothing can do even sending ticket nothing change" then I see this must be true (:s27:)
on: 11 Jul 2014 [23:20]
updated: 11 Jul 2014 [23:21]
I share your frustrations my friends. Another player and myself had worked hard to secure the v37 university area after a PHO player made a mistake and moved his city away from the point where they could close the contour.

For 3 days the PHO and CNA players used the research towers to stop my enclosing. And this was after the players were warned to not do so. We sent tickets and had an understanding that the circuit would be closed with a fort for us as this is what should have happened..... but NO... valley 37 area near the university was cleared and we "placed" cities and towers to start the process again. What a joke.

The frustrations that this causes is extremely disappointing and detracts from the game mechanics. The game loses players and questions the integrity of the system as a whole.